A Minimalist Approach to Life (or, How to Stay Happy, Healthy and Sane in an Increasingly Busy World)

A Minimalist approach to Life

This post may contain affiliate links* Ed: This post is a work in progress. We’ll be adding to it over the next couple of weeks and the end result (in addition to a complete post) will be a gorgeous eBook put together by Sporty. In July 2008 our lives were complicated: we both worked full […]

It’s Time to Simplify Your Life (No, Really)

Simplify Your Life

This post may contain affiliate links* Did you end off 2016 with high hopes for the year ahead? It was a tricky year for many of us, lots happened, much of it in the ‘you can’t make this shit up’ category. I mean, who’d have thought he who shall not be named would make it […]

Staying Healthy Will Make You Age Well (Here’s How)

Staying healthy will make you age well

This post may contain affiliate links* If you want to age well then staying healthy is your ticket into the agile oldies club. You see, the thing about getting older is that by the time you notice it’s happened, it’s often too late to do anything about it. You’re creaky, you’re cranky, and your gray […]