A Not So Minimalist Year in Review

a minimalist year in review

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This past year saw a side of ourselves we reeeaaally weren’t expecting to see again. Ever.

It all started innocently enough. 

We wanted to move to a 3-day work week and realised that buying stuff (weirdly) would help us reach our goal.

Within six months of embarking on our latest lifestyle experiment we’d gone from uncubicled to untetheredClearly our plan worked, but now it’s time to be minimalist again.

We’ve quit the lease on our little apartment and become full-time house sitters. And since we’re all about saying ‘Hell yeah!’ to new adventures these days, we’ve even agreed to house sit a permaculture farm.

Because, why not, right?

We’re in the process of selling all our stuff, so by the time the end of the month rolls around we’ll be able to stuff everything that’s left into two backpacks and bugger off. Easy peasy.

If you’ve been following our antics for a while now, you’re probably wondering how on earth we’re going to survive without Blendobi. Don’t be ridiculous, we’re taking our blender with us! (He’ll even have his own duffel bag.)

Our Year of Stuff

a minimalist year in review

When we moved into our first unfurnished apartment in almost 10 years, we had every intention of only buying the bare minimum to survive comfortably.

“We’ll only have two of everything,” I said to Sporty.

“Um…okay?” Sporty looked worried.

“Yes! We’ll live like students for the year.” I continued enthusiastically.

Sporty looked even more worried, no doubt imagining us sleeping on a stained mattress that I’d dragged in from the curb.

She needn’t have concerned herself, I’m nothing if not a princess.

It started off well. We bought two mugs, two bowls, two spoons and a paring knife. Later, we added two wine glasses to our collection.

We’re not heathens, after all.

On that front at least, I’m pleased to say we stuck to our guns. Our crockery and cutlery never expanded beyond what we started out with.

My resolve began wavering about a month in, when I decided we needed a steamer. Our apartment doesn’t have a stove and unlike Sporty who could survive on salad for all eternity, I don’t enjoy eating only raw food.

Sporty was skeptical, but I won her over with my charm and good looks (I should have been a lawyer or a secondhand car salesman).

In my defence, it was a really good buy. Even my long-suffering wife would agree.

Next, I decided that I’d like to be able to whip up the occasional stir-fry. Before long, an electric frying pan had made its way into our kitchen.

When March rolled around and I announced that I’d be spending my birthday money on a juicer, Sporty tried to put her foot down.

Unbeknownst to me she’d been keeping a tally of the number of appliances we owned. According to her, the juicer would take us into the ‘one too many’ category.

“It can live on top of the kitchen cupboard,” I argued, while at the same time batting my eyelids seductively.

“Okay fine, but I’m not happy!” Sporty hates to admit it, but she’s powerless in the face of my beguiling ways.

At this point something interesting happened. Sporty moved into ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ mode and demanded a dehydrator.

I countered by ordering a hair clippers online.

It was a messy downhill slide from there, with both us procuring with abandon pretty much anything that took our fancy.

I exaggerate slightly, but putting together the list of things we had to sell showed me just how easy it is to fall back into those old accumulation habits.

A Minimalist Approach to Life

minimalist approach to life

We’re all about taking a minimalist approach to social media. We’re also of the opinion that a minimalist approach to getting better at life is the smart thing to do. Being online requires a minimalist approach too, so naturally we’re all for it.

Essentially, what we’ve done in the last year is get really good at all aspects of minimalism bar the most obvious one: stuff. It’s time to simplify again and we cannot wait.

With that in mind, the plan is to get ourselves a tent so that we can go on micro-adventures (like SpiritFest and camping in-between house sitting gigs), medium adventures (like walking the Camino) and ultimately, mega adventures (like thru-hiking the PCT).

Let’s just hope the tent doesn’t send us into a frenzy of camping gear purchases.

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