The DOT (Do One Thing) Challenge

The Do One Thing Challenge

This post may contain affiliate links* We all want to feel like we’re making a difference, but between earning a living, raising kids, staying in shape, nurturing relationships, and finding a little time for ourselves, well, it’s pretty clear that philanthropy is going to end up taking a back seat. Side note: Laura Venderkam’s TED […]

Environmentally Friendly Shopping Tips

Environmentally Friendly Shopping Tips

This post may contain affiliate links* One Sunday morning Sporty and I drove to the start of a new trail we’d discovered (this was back when we still owned a car). Set about a car length in, a locked boom at the start of the jeep track had inadvertently created the perfect parking spot. I pulled in […]

A Case for Paper Straws (or Let’s Ditch the Plastic)

 When we were kids my Dad would take my brother and I to visit our grandparents on the farm most Saturdays and he’d invariably stop en route to buy us a milkshake at the roadhouse (he was kind of cool like that). I remember being simultaneously delighted and frustrated. I loved the delicious creaminess of the […]

Meanwhile, in Urbanhippieville

It seems the further along this urban hippie path we get, the more, well, hippie we become. Last weekend we watched Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret and in it filmmaker Kip Andersen refers to himself as an Obsessive Compulsive Environmentalist. OCE vs Urban Hippie Now, while my colleagues would happily label me OCE (they’ve already pegged […]