A Declutter Challenge for Ang’s Birthday (and Women’s Day)

declutter challenge

This post may contain affiliate links* Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and it’s also my birthday (yay me!). After much deliberating we decided that a declutter challenge would be a really awesome way to celebrate this double dose of auspiciousness. Now, before you get all: “Meh, that sounds super nerdy and boring.” *yawn* let me explain! Last […]

A Minimalist Approach to Life (or, How to Stay Happy, Healthy and Sane in an Increasingly Busy World)

A Minimalist approach to Life

This post may contain affiliate links* Ed: This post is a work in progress. We’ll be adding to it over the next couple of weeks and the end result (in addition to a complete post) will be a gorgeous eBook put together by Sporty. In July 2008 our lives were complicated: we both worked full […]

It’s Time to Simplify Your Life (No, Really)

Simplify Your Life

This post may contain affiliate links* Did you end off 2016 with high hopes for the year ahead? It was a tricky year for many of us, lots happened, much of it in the ‘you can’t make this shit up’ category. I mean, who’d have thought he who shall not be named would make it […]

Spotlight On: The Resumé Gap

The Resume Gap

This post may contain affiliate links* Sporty and I thought it would be really interesting to shine a spotlight on other minimalists (people who’ve downsized, are living with less, etc.) to see what their lives look like. We came up with a set of 10 questions (the last of which we believe to be the most […]