Personal Development 101: Creating a Little Monday Motivation

Personal Development - Monday motivation

This post may contain affiliate links* Personal development is hard anyway, but when it involves finding (read: excavating) some Monday motivation, well, let’s just say, it’s going to take more than a can do attitude to get that ball rolling. You’re going to need coffee.  I’m guessing at least a bucket, but hey, if you need […]

Our Top 9 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Healthy lifestyle tips

This post may contain affiliate links* Before we got into the minimalism, decluttering and dishing out healthy lifestyle tips business, Sporty and I used to eat bacon pizza for dinner, drink tequila for breakfast and smoke vast quantities of tobacco the rest of the time. We also guzzled more chocolate on a nightly basis than […]

It’s Time to Simplify Your Life (No, Really)

Simplify Your Life

This post may contain affiliate links* Did you end off 2016 with high hopes for the year ahead? It was a tricky year for many of us, lots happened, much of it in the ‘you can’t make this shit up’ category. I mean, who’d have thought he who shall not be named would make it […]