How Minimalists Celebrate Christmas (Well, These Ones, Anyway)

How minimalists celebrate Christmas

Sporty and I usually celebrate Christmas by undertaking some or other charity drive. Last year we did the Open Happiness Project, which involved putting together parcels for the homeless. We thought about doing something similar this year, but then I remembered that our friend Sharryn’s mom is a resident at the Ladies Christian Home, a nearby […]

Let’s Declutter the Holidays (Debunking Myths and Traditions)

Let's declutter the holidays

Thanksgiving is over and it’s now less than a month until Christmas. Bony M anyone? We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, but we’ve seen enough movies and TV shows to know it’s a pretty big deal. Here, we’re all about Christmas. And even though we’re in the middle of summer by the time the […]

World Kindness Day


This post may contain affiliate links* We’re posting a day early this week so you won’t be caught with your knickers down tomorrow. Because why? Well, tomorrow (November 13th) is World Kindness Day: a global 24-hour celebration dedicated to paying-it-forward and focusing on the good. Of course we should be kind every day (kind to […]

What Are You Giving (Away) These Holidays?

What are you giving away these holidays

This post may contain affiliate links* Pre-minimalism Sporty and I gave gifts because we thought that’s what we had to do. We were both in relationships that prescribed to the whole consumerist approach to Christmas and we went along with that way of thinking. As a result, the weeks leading up to the big day […]

How (Vegan) Minimalists Celebrate Valentine’s Day

My (sleepy) Valentine

You’d be forgiven for thinking that minimalists (especially those of the vegan urban hippie variety) don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but apparently we do. Just not on the right day and perhaps most importantly, with absolutely no planning or forethought either. That said, our celebratory morning turned out remarkably well despite the blatant lack of planning. Or […]