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My work has been featured on*, Pole Position Marketing*, Mirasee*,*, Muck Rack*, TopLineComms* and Production HUB*, to mention a few.

*The above articles were all pitched, placed and ghost-written by me while working at TopLine Comms.

I have been published in Oprah Magazine (SA) and have contributed to a number of popular blogs in my personal capacity as well, including Becoming MinimalistThe Write Life, Expert Enough, The Penny Hoarder, Wanderful and The Tiny Buddha.

I’m also the content half of the duo behind Mostly Mindful, a blog that makes minimalism more-ish. Here I write mainly about the benefits of a life with less stuff, eating a plant-based diet and living sustainably in the city.

To date, I have written hundreds of blog posts on on a number blogs across a range of topics.

Quality of Service

By working with me you can expect a professional and efficient service (and so you should, since you’re the one laying your hard-earned dosh on the line here).

I pride myself on producing only the best content. In short, if I’m not comfortable putting my name on it, I won’t put yours on it either.

For me, a satisfied customer is the only kind of customer I want. To make this happen I’ll do as many revisions as it takes to ensure a final product we’re both happy with. That said, revision requests are extremely rare.

Social Media Promotion

Furthermore, as a client of mine you can tap into my social media networks. When relevant to my audience, the work I produce for clients can be published to my growing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. I also share select articles with my email list, where I enjoy a modest (500+) but extremely engaged readership.

Published Samples

Below are excerpts from a selection of my articles published across the web along with links to the full posts.

Freelance writing sample - The Upside of DownsizingThe Upside of Downsizing

“A year ago we owned two cars and a property in Johannesburg. We’d moved to Cape Town to lead a less stressful life- style in 2005, and the house we rented in Wynberg was full of stuff we thought we needed. We also had a shed for those items that didn’t crack the ‘inside’ nod: The weed-eater, bicycles and other bric-a-brac that served no purpose bar sentimentality.” [Read more)


Freelance writing sample - Ani Phyo interview Interview with Ani Phyo

“Oprah calls them aha moments. Others refer to these turning points in our lives as epiphanies or light bulb moments. Call them what you will, we’ve all experienced a defining moment when we knew there’d be no turning back. For eco-lifestylist, Ani Phyo, that moment came in the mid-1990s when she ate her first ever raw gourmet dinner at Julinao’s Raw Restaurant in San Francisco.” [Read more]


 A Strategy for Pumping Your Freelance writing sample - Writing Full of CreativityA Strategy for Pumping Your Writing Full of Creativity

We’ve been programmed to believe that the opposite of play is work. Even worse, we’ve been conned into thinking that hard work is the only way to succeed at anything. The more hours we put in, the better our chances of making it, right? Wrong. All that results from that approach is further depletion of the already bone-dry creative well.” [Read more]


Freelance writing sample - Confessions of a digital horder

Confessions of a Digital Hoarder

“Anyone who has ever spent time decluttering will attest to the light feeling that arrives almost immediately after cleaning out the garage, hall closet, kids’ toy room, or whatever. There’s a sense of freedom that comes from getting rid of the junk and tidying up. It’s like you can breathe again. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that all clutter weighs on you.” [Read more]


Freelance writing sample - How Becoming Minimalists Helped Us Pay Off $95,000 of DebtBecoming Minimalists Helped Us Pay Off $95,000 of Debt

“Have you ever thought about selling everything and starting over? It sounds like a crazy idea, but minimalist living helped my partner and I pay off nearly $100,000 of debt. We love experiencing different neighbourhoods in our city in South Africa, so we tend to move a lot. n spite of this penchant for moving, we insisted on owning and carting around a household full of stuff.” [Read more]



People I’ve worked with only have good things to say about me. (I bought them all chocolate for Christmas, but I don’t think that swayed their opinion of me in any way.)

Carey Kingsbury,

Angela is thorough, consistent and inventive as a writer. She adapts quickly and intuits the style and voice necessary for each project. Her assignments are always completed on time and she has been a pleasure to work with. I recommend Angela as a highly qualified writer.

Inky Dresner, Soapbox Communications

Angela is a true professional, creative, charming, a delight to work with, honest, reliable, always punctual and one of my favourite people to work with!

Jason Elk, eG4C – Western Cape Government

Angela and I took the beginnings of a social media plan at the Western Cape Government and put our heads together to overhaul the approach, style, and strategy completely, growing brand engagement by 300% within three months. She has mastered the art of converting official proclamations into straightforward language that communicates clearly and with personality.

Emmerentia Slabbert, eG4C – Western Cape Government

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Angela. Her talent for writing is something wonderful to experience. It was not only an invaluable asset to the Social Media team at the Western Cape Government but came with an entire array of skills any manager would be lucky to have.

Michelle Damaskinos, Originblu Communications

Angela single-handedly managed all of our clients’ blogs (including researching, writing, editing, posting and mediating), Facebook pages and Twitter profiles. Her writing is very engaging. She developed a wonderful online rapport with the respective communities which she managed for our clients. Her ability to meet deadlines is exemplary.

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