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That said, rather than taking such drastic steps right off the bat why not hit reply and tell us what you’re not happy with and maybe we can figure things out together. That way if we do eventually end up going our separate ways at least we’ll know it wasn’t for lack of trying.

*Whatnot refers to anything we deem to be interesting, funny, thought provoking, informative, mind blowing or inspiring and may from time to time also include some underpanty airing. Because why not, right?



One last thing. we’ve started an old school writing project with a long-term goal of sending a postcard to every country in the world. According to Sporty (who consulted Google) there are 196 countries in the world. Unless you don’t count Taiwan (not everyone does) then it’s 195.

So far we’ve sent postcards to a few states in the US, one to Ireland, one to Belgium, a couple to Canada and one to Perth, Down Under. If you live in Russia, China, Abu Dhabi or India send us your address and we’ll mail you some old school love. If you don’t want to subscribe, but still want a postcard, that’s cool too. We’re all about spreading joy and happiness however we can.

A VW Beetle Named Joan


In the latter half of 2002 we returned home after spending almost two years in Toronto. We loved it there, but sweet Jesus it was cold. We came back with a suitcase full of clothes and box of appliances that didn’t work (this was pre-minimalism when we still felt it necessary to drag stuff across the globe because, you know, we’d bought it).

We had no home, no car, no nothing, bar a job for Sporty. A couple of months later, once we’d re-settled in our hometown, we bought a refurbished vee-dub that looked a lot like the one in this picture. Ang was smitten. She named her Joan and became instantly possessive and over-protective (think helicopter parenting on steroids).

We eventually sold Joan when we moved to Cape Town and while we don’t miss owning a car, Ang still misses our lil’ vee-dub. 😉

Why are we telling you this? Because Ang liked the picture and needed an excuse to share it. 

7 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Hello Angela,

    It was great chatting this evening at Wanda’s birthday. I enjoyed yours and Saskia’s humour and originality.

    I listened to your Tedex talk…. Um, there is that Kayak that I’ve not sat in let alone paddled for about 10 years now…

    And am about to go look for your WC Gov FB site to duly give it its promised “like”.

    Rage on! You minimalist, cycling, vegan, lesbian lovers, (and whatever other boxes I have forgotten to tick).



    • Andrew! Well done on finding your way to my blog, your sleuth skills are downright impressive. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you too. I’m especially pleased to know there’s a fellow noise police member out there, for a while I thought it was just me. I looking forward to hearing from your over at WCG too! 🙂

  2. Good evening Angela,

    My name is Vanessa Voller and I am the assistant to William (Bill) Powers, author and Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute in New York. Bill’s most recently published book, New Slow City: Living Simply in the World’s Fastest City, is a memoir of minimalist, leisure rich year Bill and his wife Melissa lived in New York City. Throughout the book, Bill references concepts and themes discussed in your TED talk and is hoping to send you a copy of the book. Do you have a physical mailing address we could reach you at? (Please email directly at the email I included.)

    Thank you for your time.

    We look forward to hearing back from you,

    • Yikes a free book on minimalism and from New York no less!? That would be a hell yeah!! I’ve emailed you my postal address. 😉

  3. […] was a great bit of mail to get. She’s hoping to send postcards to every country in the world, so I’m happy to help her tick the UK off the […]

  4. […] The advent of Airbnb has also made finding a long term furnished let a lot more of a challenge, so going this route makes sense. We’re moving at the end of September when our lease is up. Pictures and update to follow, so stay tuned! […]

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