Coming Soon!

I went and bragged all over social media that there’d be an epic post today (as one sometimes does). Anyway, life kind of got in the way and now I’ve made the executive decision (with Sporty’s approval) to publish this week’s post tomorrow instead. Also, it’s going to be published in installments, rather than all […]

Personal Development 101: Creating a Little Monday Motivation

Personal Development - Monday motivation

This post may contain affiliate links* Personal development is hard anyway, but when it involves finding (read: excavating) some Monday motivation, well, let’s just say, it’s going to take more than a can do attitude to get that ball rolling. You’re going to need coffee.  I’m guessing at least a bucket, but hey, if you need […]

Our Top 9 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Healthy lifestyle tips

This post may contain affiliate links* Before we got into the minimalism, decluttering and dishing out healthy lifestyle tips business, Sporty and I used to eat bacon pizza for dinner, drink tequila for breakfast and smoke vast quantities of tobacco the rest of the time. We also guzzled more chocolate on a nightly basis than […]

A Declutter Challenge for Ang’s Birthday (and Women’s Day)

declutter challenge

This post may contain affiliate links* Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and it’s also my birthday (yay me!). After much deliberating we decided that a declutter challenge would be a really awesome way to celebrate this double dose of auspiciousness. Now, before you get all: “Meh, that sounds super nerdy and boring.” *yawn* let me explain! Last […]