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We’re keen to earn passive income to fund our coffee habit, but we’re definitely not going to be shifty about it. This means we’ll only ever link to something if we’ve personally used it, eaten it, read it, or whatever, and are 100% impressed with it. Also, it won’t cost you anything extra if you purchase something via our link. The vendor has to cough up our commission fee, not you.

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Here’s where you’ll find everything we have used or read. We only feature things that we have personally tried and are totally honest about our experience. In other words, there ain’t no salesy boollsheeeet here!

Living Love

We bought our JTC Omni V Blender shortly after our Nutribullet’s teeth wore away completely (after a year and a half of daily use it was to be expected). Blendobi (that’s what we named him) is fancier than the Nutribullet, but not quite in the same league as the Vitamix.
He makes the meanest silky smooth smoothies and smoothie bowls ever. We use frozen bananas for extra creaminess and Blendobi is fine with that, he makes short work of them. Read our article comparing Juicer vs Blender to see what suits your lifestyle.

Despite being staunch (ish) minimalists, we do have the odd thing in our home that’s there mostly because it looks pretty. Our Himalayan salt lamp also has healing properties (which was the main reason we bought it), but we like how it looks too.

When I was a kid my Mom would let me order two books a month from the Puffin Book Club. I still remember the anticipation of waiting and the excitement when my new books finally arrived in our postbox. I’ve felt that same sense of anticipation every time I turn my Kindle on. Old schoolers bemoan the fact that it’s not the same as holding a real book and I get that (kind of). But the choice of titles is sooo much wider , plus you can balance it on your lap and have TWO hands free for snacking!

Reading Love

We read a a lot! Here are a few of the books that have made a difference in our lives in some way. Want to know more about a specific book? Simply click on the image and poof, just like that you’ll find yourself browsing Amazon’s virtual bookshelves.