Self Improvement: A Minimalist Approach to Getting Better at Life

Self Improvement: A Minimalist Approach to Getting Better at LifeThis post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

You know how people are always helpfully curating lists of ‘must read before you die’ books?

They’re awesome right?

You look at a list like that and you just know that even if you read half the books on it you’ll have your self improvement goals aced.

Also, you’ll kick butt at Trivial Pursuit.

But be honest, how often have you come across a list like that and thought how cool it would be if someone else could read the books for you and just extract the key points? I’m waving both my hands in the air right now.

The thing is, as much as I love the idea of marinating my psyche in all that wisdom, I much prefer reading about people who’ve fought monks in Japan, hiked the Appalachian Trail or cycled the Iditarod.

Until I’m in a position to go on my own adventures, I get my travel fix by reading about other people’s. Also, self improvement books, even the most well-written among them, are hard work. You actually have to concentrate. Pffftttt. I mean, seriously, right?

Brian Johnson: A Real Live Philosopher

Well, it turns out there are people who get their kicks from reading the books on the ‘must read before you die’ list. Brian Johnson is one such person. This guy absolutely loves learning.

His Twitter profile sums it up perfectly: I love wisdom. A lot.

Whether you’re short on time, overwhelmed by the glut of self-improvement information out there or you’re just lazy like me, it doesn’t really matter. We could all do with a philosopher coach and Brian Johnson is the guy for the job.

Philosophers Notes

He’s read 400+ of the top optimal living books —from old school classics like Discourses by Epictetus to current day best sellers like A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle— so that we don’t have to.

Brian has not only extracted the best ideas from each book, he’s turned them into fun, inspiring and super practical 6-page PDFs + 20-minute MP3s. That way, if you’re too busy (or lazy) to even read six pages, you have the option of listening to the audio instead.

Daily Micro Lessons

Our philosopher friend didn’t stop there, mind you. In addition to reading and distilling all those books, he’s also recorded a series of daily micro lessons that draws on the wisdom gleaned from them. Inspiring, impactful and practical, these super short videos offer tips you can apply to your life immediately.

The amazingness of it all doesn’t stop there either. The daily +1s (as Brian calls them) each come with a meditation, worksheet and MP3. And daily literally means every day. In addition to the content that’s already there, Brian is adding new stuff every single day.

In Brian’s own words Optimze is: More wisdom in less time (w/out the woo-woo).

This is just the tip of the Optimize Iceberg. There is so much more to dig into, but right now that’s where Sporty and I are at. If you’re keen to join us on our mission to get better at life, why not sign up?

All it costs is $10 per month! Even with our shitty exchange rate, that’s super affordable. Plus, you’re not locked into a contract or anything. Anytime you decide you’ve had enough, just can cancel your membership. Easy peasy.

Talk about a minimalist approach to self improvement. Getting better at life has never been this easy. And I should know, because I’m about as lazy as it gets when it comes to this stuff. If I could pay someone to go on diet for me, I would.

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