Eating a Plant-Based Diet for Beginners (and Curious Omnivores) – Part 2

Plant-based diet - Part 2

This post may contain affiliate links* Ed: This is the second installment in our five-part series on eating a plant-based diet. Be sure to check out parts one, three, four and five as well. More and more of our readers have been asking us what eating a plant-based diet entails. While we try our best not to be militant when talking […]

Let’s Look at What a Vegan Diet Is (and What It Isn’t)

What is a vegan diet

People are always asking Sporty and I if eating a purely vegan diet isn’t really boring. I always tell them yes, it’s a real snooze fest. At which point they give me a smug, ‘I thought so’ smile and wait for me to defend my position. I’ll usually wait a couple of seconds and then add, “If you’re accustomed to […]