What We Own (an Update)

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The last (and only) time I wrote a what we own post was back in March of 2015. And technically, that was more of a ‘what I own’ post.

I think it’s high time we had an update, given that we’ve moved three times since then.

I did show a bit of what we owned in these how minimalists move and how minimalists live posts.

Plus, you got to see what we bought to facilitate our lifestyle experiment. (My not so minimalist year in review shed some additional light on the subject.)

But then we decided to go from uncubicled to untethered and become full-time house-sitters, because why not, right? This required some extreme downsizing.

Here’s Everything We Own

Preparing for minimalism 2.0 proved interesting, as we slowly sold and donated everything we’d accumulated over the previous year until finally we were left with this. (Believe it or not, Blendobi is actually ensconced in the black duffel bag!)

what minimalists own

We have nothing in storage, not even a box of books or documents at a friend’s house. Prior to leaving Cape Town Sporty scanned everything that could feasibly be transferred to the cloud. The stuff she couldn’t (e.g. official documents like birth certificates, etc.) came with us in a plastic binder.

Some people would argue that this isn’t safe, but it’s always possible to get replacements and besides, a Tsunami could just as easily ripped through our apartment and soaked everything. Stranger things have happened.

omniblend blender

We still have Blendobi for now, but at some point he’ll have to go. He may be worth his weight in gold, but he still weighs too much for us to even consider taking him with when we walk the Camino. For now though, he’s staying put. Because best smoothies ever.  

what we own kindles

We each have a Kindle. We’re crazy about them and wouldn’t likely get rid of them in a hurry. Here’s why and here’s my take on print books.

what we own laptops

I have a MacBook (the same one featured in my original ‘what I own’ post and Sporty has a MacBook Air. They’re both some years old now and Bonnie (mine) will probably need to be replaced in the next little while. I’ll cross that bridge when I have to, but not without a few tears. The mouse is also mine because Bonnie’s tracking pad is moody.

what we own tent and sleeping bags

We’re homeless now so we thought it would be a good idea to buy a tent in case there’s a gap between house-sitting gigs. I’m joking. Sort of. We have actually entertained the idea of camping if that happens, but the real reason we bought this stuff was for Spiritfest and because there’s a long hike in our future.

what we own stuffed tortoise

I still have Terrence, who you’ll also recognise from the original ‘what I own’ post. And now he has a friend in the form of the Thai buddha Sporty bought me for my birthday this year. They’re both small and super light, so for now I’m indulging my sentimental side. The stones are from Sporty and my kinesiologist.

what we own family photos

Full disclosure: I still have the family photos I made such a big deal of getting rid some time back. Oh well, maybe Oudtshoorn is where I’ll finally let go of them. Or maybe I’ll just keep them until we get our backpacks and go adventuring abroad. Or maybe I’ll just give them to my aunt. So many choices.

Minimalism 2.0.1

Of the bags on the table, the black Nike backpack and orange daypack (peeking out behind the blue yoga mat) will eventually go as well. We packed a bunch of ‘nice to have groceries’ in Cape Town because we figured since we’d be settling in the Little Karoo for five months, we could afford the extra luggage.

We’re not sure where we’re going after our four month stint in Oudtshoorn, so for the time being we’ll hang onto our duffel bags. However, when the time comes for us to take our adventures abroad, we’ll definitely be trading them in for a couple of backpacks.

Side note: I didn’t include photos of our clothes because as you can see from the size of our bags (and all the photos of us wearing pretty much the same stuff all the time), we don’t own that much in the way of fashion garb. Also, I was too lazy.

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