Ang and Sporty - the duo behind Mostly Mindful - Simple Living in The City Blog

We’re Ang and Sporty.

Welcome to Mostly Mindful: a not-so-hardcore blog about simple living in the city.

We used to have two cars, a house full of stuff and a ton of debt. Life was stressful. We drank too much and argued a lot.

In 2008, Ang got it into to her head that we should sell everything. And that’s when everything changed for the better.

It’s been 12+ years since we embarked on this simple living journey and we’re happier than ever.

Watch Ang’s TEDx talk for the backstory. (It’s 12 minutes long, get snacks.)

If our story resonates with you, welcome!

Our aim here at Mostly Mindful is to motivate you ditch the clutter, the overwhelm, the debt, the stress, etc.

If you’re feeling weighed down by your stuff, by life, by the state of the planet, this is the place for you.

Topics we cover run the gamut from minimalism and healthy eating to living debt-free, personal growth and sustainability. (Read our story to see how we got here.)

Simple Living

Simple living is about buying less and doing more. It’s about focusing more on experiences and less on acquiring stuff. 


Sustainable living isn’t just for hippies living off-the-grid in teepees and cob houses. There’s a lot city dwellers can do to be more eco-conscious. 


Wellbeing is super important. If we feel good, then life will be good. In this category we talk self-care, personal growth, health, wellness and more.