The 30 Day Declutter Challenge

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As some of you may already know, I was fortunate enough to bag a spot on TEDx Cape Town’s 2013 speaker lineup. The organizers agreed that minimalism is indeed an idea worth spreading and let me take to the stage yesterday to convince their audience as much.

Apparently I did an okay job too, because not only was I stopped throughout the day by people telling me how I’d inspired them to go home and clean out their cupboards, I was also inundated with positive feedback on Twitter.

Oh happy days, my message landed.

Anyway, during the talk I posed a challenge to get the more reluctant started. It’s a ridiculously simple challenge really, all it entails is getting rid of just one thing a day for 30 days.

It’s my belief that whoever takes up this challenge will feel so light and free and easy come Day 30 that the declutter ball will just keep rolling (think of it like a snowball effect). So then I figured the obvious next step would be to come up with a hashtag.

Enter the #30DeclutterChallenge

It’s a little long I know (the minimalist in me is cringing), but there you have it. At least there’ll be no mistaking it for something else.

Right now it’s just a little online challenge of sorts, but who knows, maybe it’ll gather some momentum of it’s own and turn into something bigger! Stranger things have happened, and besides, who doesn’t want more money, more time and less stress? Because that’s exactly what you’ll get when you downsize!

Minimalism is an all-encompassing lifestyle that extends way beyond decluttering your stuff. Check out Ang’s TEDx Talk, take a look at our About page and grab a free copy of Eating a Plant-Based Diet for Beginners.
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