Black Friday Deals You Don’t Want to Miss (For All the Right Reasons)

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Black Friday DealsBlack Friday, right? I mean, I know there’s a reason it’s called that but it definitely sounds like a warning to stay home, don’t you think?

Plagues and annoyed black cats come to mind.

I remember when Sporty and I first heard about Black Friday. Horrified doesn’t come close to describing our reaction to seeing shopping transformed into a full contact sport.

I’m surprised they haven’t made a reality TV series yet. Maybe they have and we missed it ‘cos we’re in bed at eight reading highbrow literature on our Kindles.

You know, like the couple of nerdy hippie minimalists we are.

Black Friday eventually made its way to our shores —as these things invariably do— and now we’re also caught up in the post-Thanksgiving consuming frenzy.

We don’t even bother waiting for Friday. Sales have already started here.

If I’m entirely honest, I’m not completely against the idea. Why would I be when we can buy our fave superfoods at half price?

Also, I like that it inspires brands to take a philanthropic approach to their marketing on a day that’s essentially a hedonistic free for all. Plus, there’s always Giving Tuesday to look forward to when the mayhem gets too much.

As it invariably does.

Women-Led Wednesday

Women Led Wednesday

These CEOs are banding together for the sisterhood. Women-Led Wednesday aims to bring together a community of like-minded, female-led brands and encourage folks to ‘shop women’.  

Sporty and I are all in, but we’re not burning our bras or anything.

What an amazing opportunity to support and empower female leadership through our collective purchasing power and show some love for their brands. Check out the women-led directory and make sure you only shop with them.

Give Back Friday has taken it upon themselves to rename Black Friday to Give Back Friday! A massive 800 000 enthusiastic UK shoppers have already signed up to take part. If you live in Queenie’s neck of the woods, why not join them?

Should you live elsewhere on the planet I have a few ideas further down for ditching Black Friday in favour of Give Back Friday, which I’m sure you’ll agree sounds waaaay better.

Nothing plaguey at all about Give Back Friday, don’t you think?

Idea #1 Stage a Shopping Protest

Stay home. Do not pass go. Definitely don’t spend any money. None whatsoever. Granted, it’ll be a little like farting against thunder (sorry Sporty), but you’ll feel good about yourself and that’s what matters.

You can sit on your couch, smug in your non-shoppingness and watch a documentary about, well, anything really. You could even indulge in a little high brow literature if the mood takes you.

Just make sure you buy your snacks the day before, else you’ll be home alone without popcorn and chocolate.

How sad would that be?

Idea #2 Go Make a Difference

Why wait for Giving Tuesday to make a difference? This Friday, do something charitable, like volunteering at an old age home, helping out at a dog shelter, cooking a meal for the homeless or cleaning an elderly neighbour’s yard.

In The Blue Zones of Happiness, Dan Buettner says volunteering is pretty much a happiness pill. I’m paraphrasing a little, but that’s the gist of what he was getting at.

Idea #3 Support Brands That Help You Give Back

If you’ve got your heart set on buying stuff, then make it your mission to support only those brands that help you give back. There are plenty of them out there, just ask Google.

15 Outdoor Brands That Give Back // Whiskey Tango Globetrot*

6 Brands Committed to Giving Back // Tough Nickel

Brands That Give Back // Business Insider

6 Feel Good Brands That Give Back To The Community And Environment // Society 19

*How cool is their name? 🙂

Local Brands Making a Difference

Here at home, two of our favourite local brands are also doing their bit to make a difference during Black Friday week.

Because it’s no longer just a day, is it?

Soaring Free Superfoods

Brands making a difference

Our friends Peter and Beryn —the co-founders of Soaring Free Superfoods— are encouraging everyone to make this Black Friday a day for conscious change.

By supporting Soaring Free Superfoods you get to buy delicious, nutritious superfoods at up to 50% off the usual price and support The Sea Change Project, an organisation that’s doing incredible work to save our oceans.

But wait, there’s more. Beryn has a surprise for you. Because her birthday falls on Black Friday this year, she asked the  Soaring Free Super-Team to add a free Superfood Chocolate Bar into each order placed this week during their Black Friday special.

For the record, those chocolate bars are the best we’ve ever had. No hyperbole.

Take a look at their about page to find out more about their mission, certification, packaging and more. In a nutshell, they’re going above and beyond to ensure you get a product that’s ethical, sustainable and nutritious.

For our non-local readers, Soaring Free delivers internationally too. Y’all with dollar and pounds will want to take advantage. Just sayin’.

Faithful to Nature

Brands making a difference

Faithful to Nature is doing Black Friday differently this year. Running from November 19–23, their Black5Day Sale offers daily savings of at least 40%, with some of your favourite wellness and eco-friendly products being discounted by as much as 50%.

They’re also doing their bit to give back by donating a portion of all sales this week as well as on Cyber Monday to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, an organisation that is committed to ‘protecting forever, together’.

Find out more about the Faithful to Nature ethos, what makes them get out of bed, their ingredient policy and more.

For our non-local readers, unfortunately Faithful to Nature doesn’t deliver off-continent. The farthest they’ll go beyond South Africa’s borders is Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland. Sorry.

No really, sorry.


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