Earn More Money: 3 Eco-Friendly Side-Hustles to Healthy Up Your Wallet

bored woman at work wants to earn more money

“I don’t want to earn more money,” said nobody except Daniel Suelo

We’d all like a little extra moolah in our back pocket. I mean, how else will we fund our habits?

Caffeine addictions aside.

Sporty and I are toying with the idea of buying into one of those off-grid hippie communities and increasing our income would definitely help.

Compost toilets don’t come cheap.

Even if you don’t have a dream to fund, becoming (or staying) debt-free is more important than ever nowadays. As is, having multiple income streams.

The world is changing fast, and we need to make sure we have what it takes to stay afloat no matter what curve balls life throws our way.

While trawling the interwebs for inspiration, I came across hundreds of ways to earn more money online and in real life.

The route you decide to go with will depend on your skill set, how much time you have available, where you’re based, whether you’re looking to work online or if you’d rather it be an in-person gig, etc.

If you live in the US, for example, you could make money for yourself by working as a delivery driver. People all over the country need stuff moved and you could do it for them.

For those who enjoy driving, this could prove to be a lucrative side hustle. I’m more of a ‘two carrots, one knife’ kind of gal, which is probably why I find the opportunities below so appealing.

3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Earn More Money

Along with fattening your wallet, these side hustles all have the added benefit of helping the planet. You won’t earn enough to quit your day job, but they will allow you to dust off your eco-warrior cape and make a difference in your ‘hood.

1. Start a Pet Waste Removal Service

Dogs can poop like nobody’s business. You could start a pet waste removal service and save their humans from doing it themselves. In the video above, Erika explains how to make $300 per day scooping poop.

Just be sure to use biodegradable bags and eco-friendly bleach. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it’s better for the environment. 

A few years ago Sporty and I spent four months in a small town looking after three hounds while their human went galavanting.

The dogs were sweet, but cleaning up and disposing of their waste wasn’t fun. Their human (who was admittedly ditsy) told us to add their poop to the compost heap. We nodded and smiled and proceeded not to do that.

Because, hello, flies!

If we could have called Kroopin’s Poopin Scoopin to lend a hand, we’d have paid top dollar for the pleasure. No doubt, there are plenty of people in a similar position. 

Pros: I can’t imagine that it’s a very competitive market. 

Cons: You’re picking up poop all day. 

Environmental Benefit: Most people pick up dog waste in a plastic bag and toss it in the trash, which in turn ends up in the landfill. You’ll have the opportunity to dispose of dog poop in a green way.

Earning Potential: Erika has turned this into a full-time business with staff, so there’s definitely huge potential to earn more money.

2. Pick Up Trash

Getting paid to pick up trash? Um, yes, please! With CleanLots you can make a six-figure income from what amounts to a walk in the park.

As well as being unsightly, litter is also bad for the environment. Imagine getting paid to do something that benefits not only the planet but the creatures we share it with as well.

Talk about a win/win. Check out this interview with Brian Winch to find out how he quit his job to pick up trash full-time.

Pros: You get to be outside and on your feet instead of sitting indoors staring at a laptop screen. 

Cons: You must buy the CleanLots operations manual for a rather hefty $79,99, which includes free phone and email support with Brian Winch (available for U.S. residents only).

Environmental Benefit: You’re helping keep the planet clean! How awesome is that? To learn more about why this is important, check out Keep America Beautiful Inc.

Earning Potential: Potential to earn $50,000 – $100,000 per year as a one-man operation. Not a bad return on your initial outlay.

3. Get Rid of Old Movies, Music and Electronics

Unless you’re an all-star hoarder, this isn’t exactly a huge money spinner. But don’t be too quick to discount the idea out of hand.

If you’re someone with a ton of old DVDs, CDs and crusty electronics cluttering up your house, the elves at Decluttr will not only help you recycle it, they’ll pay you for the pleasure. They’ll even spring for shipping.

They also buy old books, LEGO, games, consoles and more. Take a look at their website to find out how to go about availing yourself of their awesome earth-friendly service.

Like I said, you probably won’t make more than coffee money from selling your junk. However, figuring out how to recycle responsibly is a time-consuming business. Having someone else do that for you is a huge win.

Pros: You could turn this into a viable side hustle by offering to dispose of your neighbors’ stuff for them (for a fee, of course).

Cons: You’ll earn more money, but it probably won’t be enough to retire early or anything. 

Environmental Benefit: People often throw their old electronics in the trash because they don’t know any better. Taking it off their hands means less e-waste will end up in landfills.

Earning Potential: It really depends what you have to sell. DVDs can net 10 cents to $1 a pop, while tech items like phones will bring in quite a bit more. Between the easy-to-use app and free shipping, it’s worth looking into.

Bonus: ThriveNeighbor

thrive neighbour

ThriveNeighbor offers a unique platform for entrepreneurs aiming to establish service-oriented side businesses right in their neighborhoods. They streamline the launch process, equipping you with every necessary tool, insight, and support to flourish.

The platform is designed to help you quickly generate recurring revenue: choose a service, set your website live in no time, access their tested marketing strategies, and learn every aspect of your new business through our instructional videos.

ThriveNeighbor’s goal is to empower the forthcoming wave of entrepreneurs, bridging the gap between aspiring side hustlers and those achieving financial freedom.

Every Day I’m Side-Hustlin’

Even if you have a well-paid job you love, it’s worth finding yourself a side hustle or two. As I mentioned earlier, times are changing fast. We need to be agile if we’re to have any hope of staying afloat.

Sometimes, you need to hit the ground running and learn on the job. But sometimes, it’s worth going back to school to really get a grip on something.

It’s Time for Side-Hustle School 

The interwebs are vast. Gleaning new information is easier than it’s ever been. It’s also remarkably overwhelming. I’ve found the best approach is to find one reputable source and stick with it.

Chris Guillebeau is about as reputable as they get. His side hustle school is free and brimming with actionable ideas. You can stop right there and still come away, having learned a bunch.

If you’re keen to take your education even further, check out his books:

A side hustle isn’t just nice, it’s necessary.

Chris Guillebeau

Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to earn more money (go you!) or you just wanna earn more money already, it’s time to get hustlin’.

Photo by Magnet.me on Unsplash