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by | Mar 1, 2017

We put together this super basic (for now) Editorial Calendar so that our readers can weigh in on the content we put out. The plan is to list all our potential topics here, along with ideas that have come about as a result of feedback from our surveys and questions people have asked us.

This page is a work in progress, so right now the ideas listed below are very loosey-goosey. Once we ascertain that one of them is worth pursuing, we’ll get to work: fleshing it out into something juicy, readable and useful. And when it’s published we’ll link to it below.

So how do you weigh in? Easy peasy. Simply leave a comment or shoot us an email telling us which idea you’d like us to write about next and we’ll shuffle the order around based on your feedback. If you’d like us to write about something that’s not listed below, then tell us and we’ll add it.

Topic Ideas Based on Reader Feedback


How to declutter when you don’t know where to begin
• How to keep decluttering when you get stuck
• The burden of having too much stuff (and how amazing you feel when it’s gone)
• What are the rewards, challenges, benefits etc. of decluttering
• Why it’s important to schedule regular declutter sessions
• Moving house: an opportunity to declutter
• How to get your partner/family on the same minimalist page as you
• What if your partner/family isn’t interested in becoming minimalist
• I’m trying to be more mindful but I also LOVE shopping #halp
Digital clutter

Health, Diet, Exercise

How to transition to a whole food plant-based diet
• More vegan posts: maybe a weekly/monthly recipe share

Sustainable Living

• How to live a more sustainable lifestyle (and maybe even go off the grid)
How to make more sustainable lifestyle choices when you don’t know where to start


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