No Place for Old Men (or Women)

by | Oct 13, 2013 | Wellbeing | 2 comments

old-71120_640You know how you squirrel away money every month so you’ll be able to buy food, pay rent and quaff the occasional cold one when you’re old? Well that’s just one aspect of investing in your future.

Today I want to talk about the importance of letting go.

Because let’s face it, none of us wants to end up like those wobbly, cantankerous old farts we see mowing down unsuspecting shoppers at the mall with their three-wheeler Zimmer frames and ‘can’t walk no more’ buggies.

What’s that got to do with investing in your old age, you ask?

Well here’s the thing. Hoarding isn’t just limited to the crap you have lying around the house. You can just as easily (perhaps even more so) hang onto emotional baggage.

And that, dear reader, is precisely where the ‘old people shit’* starts.

*I can’t lay claim to this expression, I borrowed it from Sporty’s brother.

First you get way too attached to your stuff. Unreasonably so, truth be told.

Next you get even more attached to your emotional hoo-ha (in other words you can’t leave the past in the past and just move on already).

As you clock up the years you become set in your ways.

Now the stuff you hold so dear and the shitty memories you can’t bring yourself to let go of grab a hold of you. With both hands.

Slowly but surely you stop socializing.

You start talking about my bad back and those people.

Next thing you know your once wide-open world is the size of a pinhead and the most exciting thing in your day is going to the store where you yell at the kid behind the cheese counter for slicing your cheddar too thin.

Donate anything you haven’t used in the last six months to Goodwill. Practice forgiveness. Exercise. Rinse and repeat.

Here’s to not drooling. Ever.


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  1. Alex Duvall

    “Now you get even more attached to your emotional hoo-ha.”
    Well, no wonder: In the U.S., “hoo-ha” is slang for vagina. I don’t think you would want to let that go, am I right? 🙂

    • Ang

      Ha ha ha Alex! I thought US slang for vagina was hoo-hoo? I heard Oprah say that. Either way, yip, I’m attached!

      Slang is funny. In the US, fanny is slang for butt and here in SA it’s slang for vagina. There, now I’ve managed to write vagina three times in one comment. That’s a record for sure! 🙂


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