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Hello, I’m Angela Gaye Horn. Freelance writer at large. (But mainly in a small town called Gordon’s Bay an hour outside of Cape Town.)

Hat tip to Dad for my awesome name. 

Does your online content need a fresh approach? Let me lighten up your copy and make your customers happy.

I write, blog and develop content for individuals and small businesses in the wellness, health and lifestyle industries.

I spend my time taking a happy and inventive look at my client’s businesses in order to freshen their existing writing and social media efforts.

Historically I have worked in graphic design, marketing and social media coordination, all of which help bring more creativity to your writing work.

Whether you’re looking for a blog piece, website content, snappy newsletter or social media posts, I can assure you of a consistent voice that talks to your brand value and appeals to your customers.

The benefits of blogging from a marketing perspective are significant, but business owners often don’t have the time to blog consistently.

That’s where I come in.

My writing has been featured on a number of popular blogs, including Becoming Minimalist, Bad Yogi and Sixty + Me. One time my work even made it into print. Hello Oprah Magazine (SA)!

I’m also the content half of the duo behind Mostly Mindful, a simple living blog that’s all about buying less and doing more. Our about page is a good place to start if you’re interested in learning more.

If you’re here because you need my content marketing services, please continue reading. You’ll find examples of my work, testimonials from past clients and colleagues, and a sweet little contact form to get in touch.

Content Marketing Services Offered

  • SEO Content
  • Web copy
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Social media (editorial plan & content)
  • Invitations (hen parties, baby showers, ‘coming out’ shindigs, etc.)

By working with me you can expect a professional and efficient service (and so you should since you’re the one laying your hard-earned dosh on the line here). I pride myself on producing only the best content. In short, if I’m not comfortable putting my name on it, I won’t put yours on it either.

For me, a satisfied customer is the only kind of customer I want. To make this happen I’ll do as many revisions as it takes to ensure a final product we’re both happy with. That said, revision requests are extremely rare.

Social Media Promotion


Plus, as a client of mine, you can tap into my social media networks. When relevant to my audience, the work I produce for clients can be published to my growing Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. I also share select articles with my email list, where I enjoy a modest (500+) but extremely engaged readership.

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

Mark Twain

Published Samples


These are excerpts from some of the articles I’ve had published.

Swedish Death Cleaning (What and Why)

My mom was a hoarder. While not in the same league as the people featured on Buried Alive (thankfully), she clearly had a problem letting go. There were the clothes dating back to the mid-70s that no longer fit her, kitchen appliances she hadn’t used in decades, piles of unopened tea towels…the list goes on. [Read more]

Sudarshan Kriya: Antidote to Anxiety?

According to Sarah Fader, “If you’re a human being living in 2017 and you’re not anxious, there’s something wrong with you. She’s right about one thing, anxiety is definitely on the rise.

But rather than view the carefree among us as unicorns, perhaps there’s a more proactive approach to dealing with anxiety?  One that puts us in the driving seat, rather than on the sidelines observing (if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphor). [Read more]

Start With Why + Writing Tips to Cut Through The Noise

While the din often seems loudest on social media, noise abounds online in general. Everywhere you look, you see articles claiming to have “5 super-fast ways to do this!” and “103 best ways to do that!”.

These ideas aren’t necessarily bad. If the article delivers on its headline promise, you’ll be 103 ways better off. Unfortunately, it’s more often than not wishy-washy clickbait. [Read more]

5 Tips to Reverse Grey Hair Naturally

If you don’t think it’s possible to reverse grey hair, think again. Scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center have made a chance discovery that could herald the end of your salt and pepper days.

Led by Dr Lu Le, the research team accidentally found out the cause for grey hair and hair loss while conducting a study to understand how certain kinds of tumours form. [Read more]

Why a Plant-Based Diet Is More Important Than Ever

There’s no question that good nutrition is vital to our overall health and wellbeing. Everything from type 2 diabetes and stroke to osteoporosis and brain fog can be attributed to the food we eat.

We can’t live on fast food, processed microwavable dinners and animal products pumped full of hormones and expect anything else. Of course, we’re going to get sick. Most people will baulk at the idea, but the fix is a fairly simple one. [Read more]



People I’ve worked with only have good things to say about me. (I bought them all chocolate for Christmas, but I don’t think that swayed their opinion in any way.)

Cara Spangler,

Working with a writer like Angela makes my job as an editor so easy. Unique ideas, clean writing and a funny voice are Angela’s speciality. Her writing and communication are consistent and reliable—and the minimalist values she promotes are inspiring and important!

Carey Kingsbury,

Angela is thorough, consistent and inventive as a writer. She adapts quickly and intuits the style and voice necessary for each project. Her assignments are always completed on time and she has been a pleasure to work with. I recommend Angela as a highly qualified writer.

Inky Dresner, Soapbox Communications

Angela is a true professional, creative, charming, a delight to work with, honest, reliable, always punctual and one of my favourite people to work with!

Jason Elk, eG4C – Western Cape Government

Angela and I took the beginnings of a social media plan at the Western Cape Government and put our heads together to overhaul the approach, style, and strategy completely, growing brand engagement by 300% within three months. She has mastered the art of converting official proclamations into straightforward language that communicates clearly and with personality.

Emmerentia Slabbert, eG4C – Western Cape Government

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Angela. Her talent for writing is something wonderful to experience. It was not only an invaluable asset to the Social Media team at the Western Cape Government but came with an entire array of skills any manager would be lucky to have.

Michelle Damaskinos, Originblu Communications

Angela single-handedly managed all of our clients’ blogs (including researching, writing, editing, posting and mediating), Facebook pages and Twitter profiles. Her writing is very engaging. She developed a wonderful online rapport with the respective communities which she managed for our clients. Her ability to meet deadlines is exemplary.

Get in Touch


If you’re interested in my services please message me on LinkedIn. We can also chat on Zoom, but only if you bring coffee and introduce me to your cat.

In case you’re wondering, that’s kombucha I’m pouring into my ear.