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by | Jul 16, 2017

Note: We’re currently on an extended hiatus and not taking on any new house or pet sitting gigs. 

Unless you live in the south of France and are willing to sponsor plane tickets, then we’ll reconsider.

Are you in need of a house sitter? Or better yet, a house sitter who is also a pet sitter?

We take care of your home and pets. You relax and enjoy your holiday. Easy peasy.

Everyone loves the idea of going away, but nobody likes the idea of leaving behind an obviously empty house.

If you have pets, it’s even more stressful. You need to know they’re properly taken care of while you’re off enjoying a much needed break.

Meet Ang & Sporty

We’re Ang and Sporty (aka Saskia), a couple of Capetonian minimalists who enjoy coffee, running, slow living and sending postcards. We’re older (52 and 55), which we think makes us super trustworthy. We like living in different places and we really love animals.

We’re also rather fond of vegan scones with jam and cream, as evidenced by the photos below.

Sporty - Pet Sitter

Sporty is well-versed in animal behaviour and has an uncanny knack for making pets feel calm and happy. Ang spent her childhood summers on her grandparents’ farm, which means she can tell the difference between a cow and a chicken.

Neither of us is prissy or princess-y, so we’re fine with scooping poop, cleaning up accidents and being covered in fur and slobber. Which is not to say we’re those stereotypical lesbians in Crocs and track pants. We clean up well and are very presentable.

Ang - House SitterAng is a freelance health, wellness and lifestyle writer and Sporty is a virtual assistant and spreadsheet geek. We both work from home, which means we’re around to keep an eye on things during the day.

If you’re keen to know more about us, you can start by checking out our About page. We’ve also listed our various social media profiles, contact details and some testimonials at the end of the page. Stalk away! 

Services Offered

We’re house sitters and pet sitters, but in addition to those two very necessary services, we’re also professional home organizers. Imagine going on holiday and coming home to a clean and tidy garage, for example. How awesome would that be?

House Sitting Services

house sitter services

Our most basic service is simply house sitting. We stay in your home, so that it doesn’t have to stand empty while you’re away. We’re there to water the plants, maintain your pool, deal with any potential problems and provide that all important presence.

In short, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep a watchful eye on your home (even if that means hanging upside down). After all, you don’t want to advertise the fact that you’re not there. The next thing you know Goldilocks will be making herself at home. With us manning the fort, she’ll at least know to go and find her porridge elsewhere.

Rate: R200 per day*

*This rate is reduced on a sliding scale for longer-term contracts that exceed a week. Please contact us for a quote.

House and Pet Sitting Services

pet sitter services

Sure, dog kennels nowadays are pretty upmarket and will certainly do a great job of keeping your four-legged friend well-fed and safe. But nothing beats your own bed, right? And Rover is no different.

Besides, what if you have a parrot or a fish or a rabbit with finicky dietary requirements? There aren’t too many doggy hotels that can accommodate the likes of them.

If you don’t have another option, dog kennels are a good alternative to leaving your pooch home alone. But a better option would be to hire us to come and stay with your pets instead.

You won’t have the schlep of transporting them to and from the kennel, there’ll be no change in their daily routine and you’ll also avoid an unnecessary trip to the vet for a costly kennel cough vaccination.

We’ll feed them, keep them safe and take them on daily walks. We’ll clean cages and fish tanks and empty out kitty litter trays. We’ll love them, schmooze them and provide an endless source of ear scratches and tummy rubs. We’ll throw balls and frisbees and even bath them, if that’s required.

Rate: R300*

*This rate is based on a maximum of three pets. If your menagerie exceeds that number please contact us for a quote. The rate is also reduced on a sliding scale for longer-term contracts that exceed a week. 

pet sitters cape town

Home Organizing Services

home organizers

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your house? Is your dining room table serving as a dumping ground for work papers and school projects? Have you got a cupboard full of lidless Tupperware containers?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ or ‘Halp I’m drowning!’ to any of those questions, then you need the services of a professional home organizer (or two).

Guarantee: We will never throw away anything and we will only ever organize the agreed upon areas. 

We offer this guarantee so that you’ll feel completely comfortable about leaving two hardcore minimalists alone in your house while you head off on holiday. The last thing we’d want is for you to spend your time worrying about what we’re up to, instead of focusing on enjoying yourself. Piña colada anyone?

If you decide you’d like to take advantage of our home organizing services, we’d meet with you at your home to discuss which areas need attention as well as to get an idea of your expectations. Once we have a clear understanding, we’ll provide a quote and breakdown of the process.

Rate: Quoted per project

Testimonials & Character References

Here’s where previous clients toot our horn. We may have bought them chocolate last Christmas, but there’s no reason that would have swayed their feedback in any way. Okay, so it was really good chocolate, but still.

Sporty with Linus and the budgiesSasha & Melanie Sanders

We went away for 5 weeks and the biggest stress was: will our house be okay and, most importantly, will our pets be okay? We didn’t have to worry at all. Saskia fed our goldfish, 2 budgies and dog according to all our neurotic specifications. She gave our dog much love and many walks.

She checked in as often as we wanted her to. She also let us know if anything was amiss with our house or car. We left comprehensive and complicated instructions which she followed without fuss. We felt 100% comfortable and reassured with her in our house and mummying our pets. If there was a 5 star rating, she’d get 6 stars.

Ruan & Janine Vermeulen

Saskia did a stellar job of looking after our flat, dog and cat. We felt completely comfortable in the knowledge that everything would be under control and in tact when we got home. Both our animals were relaxed and happy when we returned. I would not hesitate recommending her for house sits.

Paige Nick

Saskia is the master of efficiency. She managed everything in my home while I was away, so I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Phenomenal communication, incredible care, and I think there was even an excel spreadsheet involved.
I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to work with you again. Thank you.

Check out A Million Miles from Normal to see all the books Paige has written. We house-sit for famous people. #justsaying

Reference contact details can be provided on request.

The (Not So) Small Print

[Coming soon] Sporty is currently composing an easy to understand contract (because legalese, shmegalese, right?) and promises to have a link to show for her efforts shortly.


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One Last Thing

Sporty and ComtesseWe’re pleased to say that Sporty has been cured of her habit of sitting on animals.




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