This is How Minimalists Move (Some of Us, Anyway)

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Minimalists on the move - way too many boxesSporty and I have been mostly offline since we moved, mainly because cell phone data is expensive, but also because not having easy access to wifi seemed like an excellent excuse to take a digital sabbatical.

Anyway, they came to install a router in our new apartment last night, so I guess my arsing about has to come to an end now.

What Does a Minimalist Move Entail?

When people hear we’re moving they immediately want to know what that means for a couple of minimalists who own hardly anything. I figured rather than tell you, I’d show you instead.

Let’s start with the procurement of boxes. Usually we totally underestimate how many we’ll need, so this time (true to my all or nothing nature) I overshot in the other direction and ended up having to dismantle some when we were done packing.

minimalists on the move - moving mess 1

Next I proceed to take everything out of the cupboards and disperse it haphazardly onto every available surface. Sporty hates this method of packing, she claims it has no system to it. I then berate her stiff vee vill doo eet like ziss German approach, after which we both fall about with laughter and carry on in whatever way works best for us.

minimalists on the move - moving mess2

In other words I continue making a tip of the place while Sporty looks on in abject horror. What she forgets though, is that true magnificence is always messy at first. Okay maybe not always, but don’t tell her that else she’ll expect a better packing system the next time we move and let’s face facts, that’s never going to happen.

minimalists on the move - a less messy pile

You see, pure magnificence! I can’t remember for sure, but I think in the end we had three boxes, our large black suitcase (I mention that it’s black because you know, you might not have noticed), green duffel bag (you might also be colour blind), spare black gym bag (I know right, the minimalists have a spare something, egads!) and finally, our trusty little beige (I’m on a roll here) composting bin.

minimalists on the move - a lessy messy pile of stuff

Same as above, but with the addition of our laptop bags. Sporty’s is the smart, sexy red one and mine is the sleek one on the right. Guess what colour it is and you win a Datsun. 😉

Sporty with our pile of stuff

Sporty with our pile of stuff. For no other reason than I was feeling snap happy (I get like that when I’m excited and I cannot begin to describe how beside myself with excitement I was at the thought of moving out of that apartment). In case you’re wondering, that’s our recycling in the background.

Me with our pile of stuff

Well, Sporty can’t be the only one to perch on our (almost) everything we own pile of stuff in a ladylike fashion. Besides, there were my new red shoes to show off as well. I’ll admit it’s a little worrying that I chose to hold the compost bucket, but you know, hippie is as hippie does.

View from apartment

I saved the best for last. This is a picture of the almond milk latté I bought after dropping our stuff off at our new place. Oh ja, that’s the view we enjoy when we walk out of our apartment building. Pretty sweet right? Almost hard to believe this is our downsized lifestyle.

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  1. Sporty

    Vee vill make no comments about ze packing system! Meep!

    • Ang


  2. Kamila

    Just love reading your stuff. Love you both. Massive fan of the hippies ❤️

    • Ang

      Mizz Prez! How wonderful to hear from your lovely self…can we meet for something now we’re in the same ‘hood? 😉

  3. Sarah Jeppson Zitter

    Saw your TED talk and found your site. We are a couple of Vegan lesbians (married) from New England – US. My wife is a biker and we had one car for over 2 years until my mother sold hers a few years ago because we both need to visit our mom’s more (89 and 90 years old). Anyway – I’m totally downsizing my library and have aspired to own sooo much less stuff than I (we) do.

    We don’t owe, but have our money in too many pies, as well as our energy too. Got inspired for another go round from your talk. Also thought back to how moving always helps to “throw out the extra trash”, i.e. all that stuff hiding in the cupboards, etc. (lived here 7 years). Thanks for your site. We’re sort hippies of the suburban type wanting that tiny house near a walkable town center and maybe build into a hill for its heating and cooling capacity.

    I grew up literally behind Walden Pond so have a little Thoreau in my blood.

    • Ang

      Hi Sarah

      Thanks for reaching out! I’m super chuffed you found my TED and our blog. You’re so right, the longer you stay in a place the easier it gets to hoard stuff. We’ve found you have to be ruthless; go around your place every few months and see what you haven’t use and get rid of it. Wow your Moms have both had great innings, 90 and almost 90!

      If you grew up behind Walden Pond you might just enjoy Walden on Wheels by Ken Ilgunas:

      By the way, when did you two get married? Didn’t they only recently change the laws in US to accommodate same-sex marriage?

      Off to check out Gnomesteading! 🙂

  4. Jeannette

    I really enjoyed seeing how you move! I can’t believe how small your pile of belongings is! You must feel so free!
    I’m still working on downsizing, but I’ve gotten rid of tons of stuff since I posted last. 🙂

    In response to your question to a previous poster about the legalization of gay marriage in the USA -it’s a bit complicated. Though it was made legal theoughout the USA in 2015, certain states had already passed laws allowing same sex marriage. The state of Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage back in 2003, and by the time the Supreme Court made their ruling legalizing it in all 50 states last year, 36 additional states had already legalized it. So the ruling really only affected the 13 states who had refused to legalize it on their own.

    • Ang

      Hi Jeanette

      Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing our move documented. Our moves are ridiculously easy nowadays. If I think back to how they were before, I break out in a cold sweat!

      Thanks for the info regarding gay marriage in the States. It’s good to know it’s finally legal in those remaining 13 states!

      Good luck with your ongoing downsizing endeavours…you’ll get there! 🙂



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