How to Deal with Holiday Clutter (Before You Get Swallowed up by Tinsel)

We’re done with Halloween. Thanksgiving is over. All that’s left is Christmas and a toast to Auld Lang Syne and 2019 will be last year’s news.


Do you even remember your New Year’s resolutions?

Whatever they were, you now have less than a month to check them off your to-do list.

Or, you could just chalk them up to ‘didn’t quite make it’ and focus instead on kicking off 2020 with a clean and uncluttered slate. Because let’s face it, when it comes to clutter, December is probably definitely the worst month of the year.

Be honest, every January you swear that this is the year you’re going to do things differently and then, before you know it, the Holidays are upon you and you’re all caught up in the festivities.

I get it. I’m a hardcore minimalist and even I get sucker-punched by the atmosphere of joy and giving this time year brings with it. But getting drunk on Christmas spirit comes with annoying consequences. Most notably, clutter and debt.

7 Holiday Clutter Banishing Posts

holiday clutter

To help you avoid —or at least get a handle on— your clutter, I’ve compiled a list of posts that will inspire you to celebrate the Holidays without amassing a mountain of stuff.

It can be done, it just takes a little planning, forethought and patience. And maybe some eggnog to make the task more fun. Not too much though, or you’ll risk falling asleep on the job.

Off you go then, it’s time to declutter.

Following This One Rule Will Prevent Holiday Clutter From Taking Over Your Home from Real Simple

The One-In, One-Out Rule is simple. When you get something new, something old has to go. Now, before you go hunting for loopholes, let me be clear. The old thing can’t be a rusty old teaspoon or a broken brooch, it has to be in the same category as the new thing you just acquired. If you buy a new pair of heels, for example, you bid sayonara to an old pair.

Yeah, I see you hoarders.

How to Deal With Christmas Clutter from Organizing Moms

Who better to help you deal with holiday clutter than the Organizing Moms? I mean, heck, their name alone inspires a sense of apple-pie order. They have 15 ideas to help you kick holiday clutter to curb.

They’ve been really thoughtful about it too, including suggestions like writing thank you notes, making a donation bag and taking the time to remember the holidays by going though your photos.

How to Cut down on Holiday Clutter and Chaos from NBC News

Nicole has come up with a two-step plan to combat ‘Christmas creep’. The first step, she says, is to deal with the existing holiday clutter. Once that’s taken care of, she has an action plan for preventing new clutter from entering the house. This is especially valuable advice, because it means less to declutter in the future.

7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Gift Clutter from Becoming Minimalist

If you’re a gift-giving family, Joshua has a bunch of practical tips (well, seven to be precise) that will ensure you navigate the potential minefield of clutter with grace and aplomb. Follow his advice and you’re far less likely to end up with another matching apron and tea cosy or ghastly cable knit sweater.

It’s Time to Free Yourself from Holiday Clutter from MinimalHero

If you’re a hoarder of seasonal and holiday decorations, this is definitely the post for you. In it, Jennifer details exactly how she dealt with the 27 —yes, 27!— boxes of decorations she had stored in her basement. If she can do it, anyone can.

5 Secrets for a Clutter-Free Holiday from Apartment Guide

Celebrating the Holidays can often be equal parts fun and overwhelming, especially if you have a large family. If you’re breaking out in hives at the mere thought of everything you still need to do before Christmas eve, you’re in luck. With the help of O’s organizing wiz, Peter Walsh, you’re going to declutter the season and make room for what really matters to you.

Organize Your Way Out From Under The Holiday Clutter from HuffPost

As someone who celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas, Allison understands firsthand the amount of new items that can find their way into one’s home over the Holidays and how overwhelming that can be. Especially with kids in the mix. If you already feel like you’re drowning in tinsel, her post will provide some much needed breathing room.

A Clutter-Free Life

holiday clutterLiving clutter-free with kids is challenging, but by no means impossible. In his book by the same name, Joshua Becker helps you change your thinking. discover new habits and free your home from the unnecessary and the superfluous.

Adios Happy Meal toys.

Of course, children aren’t the only culprits in the clutter conundrum. We adults are just as inclined (maybe even more so) to hold onto things that have no value and serve no purpose. We’re champions at not letting go. The thing is, we’re so focused on holding on that we’ve lost sight of what it is we’re holding onto.

If you’re overdue for a declutter session, don’t put it off any longer. To paraphrase Anne Lamott‘s Dad, take it mug by mug, When looked at as a whole, most tasks can seem daunting. The trick is to break them down into mini tasks.

The other trick is not to procrastinate. Avoidance only makes things worse, I know. The simple act of getting started will make you feel better. It doesn’t matter how much you achieve to begin with, just do something.

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