How (Vegan) Minimalists Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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My (sleepy) ValentineYou’d be forgiven for thinking that minimalists (especially those of the vegan urban hippie variety) don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but apparently we do.

Just not on the right day and perhaps most importantly, with absolutely no planning or forethought either.

That said, our celebratory morning turned out remarkably well despite the blatant lack of planning. Or maybe because of it, who knows? Either way, what follows is how things transpired in our house yesterday morning.

How the Valentine’s Day Seed Was Planted

I suspect the seed was planted on Friday night while trawling the Waterfront in search of chocolate (as one does).

Me: Have you organised me a huge surprise for Valentine’s Day?
Sporty: Yes, it’s enormous. What have you got for me?
Me: You’re going to love it, this time I’ve really outdone myself.
Sporty: I didn’t really get you anything hey.
Me: Oh, well I definitely got you something. Ha ha ha…just kidding.

At which point we both fell about with laughter (thank God we found each other, because I’m not sure anyone else would find us even remotely funny) and made our way home.

Running vs Coffee 

The plan was to get up early and go for a run before doing our usual Saturday morning chores. But then the bed felt cosy and plus it was the weekend, so you know what was on our minds right? Coffee!

From there the segue to pancakes was inevitable, so that’s what we did. We made pancakes. The Sprout People’s vegan pancakes to be precise, since their recipe calls for chia egg as opposed to chicken egg. Winning.

Vegan pancake batter

Our marble kitchen counter top is really bad for cleaning (it literally camouflages all food debris), but awesome for taking photographs. When I realised this I pretty much went to town. Hence the pancake batter shot above, which, let’s face it, isn’t exactly of the award-winning variety.


It was a slippery downhill slope after that, with everything suddenly a reason to make art. Just so we’re clear though, as much as it might look like it, none of these shots were set up. I get that the strategically placed egg lifter will have you thinking otherwise, but I swear they weren’t.


When making pancakes the first one in the batch is always eaten immediately. This is purely for scientific purposes, as one needs to know if the temperature one is cooking at is right. Should one (we may as well continue in third person, wait is this the third person?) decide to throw caution to the wind and not test the first pancake then one runs the risk of ruining the entire batch. Be that on one’s head is all I can say.


At some point when taking photographs (and let me tell you, it happens every time a coconut) I always manage to take one (sometimes more) by accident. Invariably these shots are of my lap, my legs or, as is the case this time, our feet. In extreme cases i.e. when I’m alone and trying to take a selfie, I end up with an inappropriately close up shot of my nostrils. Anyway, I quite like how this pic turned out. I think I’ll call it ‘Flip flop feet still life’.


As you can see from the very empty side plate with telltale fork on it, the taster pancake was a huge success. Also, pancake production is coming along nicely, what with one ready, one in the pan and lots of batter left. Tummies are a rumbling at this point.


You can’t have pancakes without coffee. Obviously. So this is a great time to introduce you to our hippie coffee making paraphernalia. The apartment actually came equipped with a bodum, but honestly, those things are overrated. They’re hard to clean, easy to break and the result leaves a lot to be desired. Our method on the other hand —which requires a sprout jar (of which we have many), a tea strainer and something to cover the jar (in this case a tupperware lid), produces truly epic results. Wait till you see what’s coming.


First though, some selfies. We opted to use Sporty’s phone because it has this neat reverse camera function, which makes taking said selfies super easy. Kind of. First you have to remember to smile. It’s important to note here that the only reason I’m smiling is because I always start preparing ahead of time. However while this approach ensures I don’t end up with a deadpan look on my face, it very often results in that ‘please can you take the damn photo before my cheeks fall off’ look.


Fortunately all I had to do was remind Sporty to smile before pressing the button a second time and were were good to go. Sweet, right!? 😉


Okay, back to our hippie coffee making. Look at that, perfection in a cup if I say so myself. Unfortunately it didn’t taste as good as it looked, although that had less to do with us (and our collective coffee making skills) than it did with the particular blend we’re currently using. Kak choice on my part, ’nuff said.


A shot from above to show you what our Valentine’s breakfast table finally looked like. The peanut butter was overkill and in the end we only indulged in a single bite with it on. Nice, but not to be repeated. In the bowl is the fresh blueberry coulis that Sporty whipped up for us. Actually she just mashed some berries with a bit of agave syrup (the bottle behind the bowl), but it was super delish nonetheless. Finally, some sliced banana.


I ended up adding some berries to that first bite because Sporty felt it wasn’t decadent enough, but alas, the photo turned out blurry and I had to delete it. Tasted really good though. And I do mean really good.


Sporty was actually posing for this shot, but the stupid camera was so slow that by the time it had taken the pic she was already looking for her next pancake topping. I can’t blame her for not waiting, I mean who cares about posing when there’s a plateful of pancakes in front of you? How cute is she though? Talk about being focused on the task at hand!


At some point the fun had to come to an end and when it did it was back to the chores I mentioned earlier. This probably wasn’t a bad thing seeing as how I’d just eaten a pile of pancakes and not even bothered to exercise first, so it was off to the Oranjezicht City Farm for me to empty our little compost bucket. For the record, the trip there includes a bastard of an uphill.

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