If I Were a Real Hippie (as Opposed to an Urban Facsimile)

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Sustainable Living | 6 comments

If I Were a Real HippieIf I were a real hippie I’d only buy organically-grown produce from local farmers’ markets.

But I’m an urban hippie so I buy my fruit and vegetables from large supermarket chains, choosing organic when it’s available and avoiding at all costs anything that’s imported or out of season.

If I were a real hippie I’d wash my clothes by hand and hang them out to dry in the sun.

But I’m an urban hippie so I wash my clothes in a washing machine, using a bio-wash ball in place of regular detergent to rid them of their sweaty stains.

If I were a real hippie I’d get off the grid and live out my days in a tiny wooden house, growing my own vegetables and drawing water from a nearby stream.

But I’m an urban hippie (who enjoys going to the movies every now and then) so I live in a small, centrally-located apartment that doesn’t cost a lot or require much in the way of upkeep.

If I were a real hippie I’d go on regular vision quests, frequent sweat lodges and smoke the occasional banana leaf cigarette.

But I’m an urban hippie so I meditate, run, go to gym and drink (mostly) fair trade coffee.

If I were a real hippie I’d dreadlock my hair and thumb my nose at the man.

But I’m an urban hippie so I have my hair styled and embrace consumerism when it suits me.

In short, I’m mostly mindful.

Which essentially means doing my bit to for the planet without driving myself around the bend in the process.



  1. Kelly Martin

    OH LOL I love this. Yes urban hippy all the way albeit I have dabbled in the occasional sweat-lodge and washed my clothing by hand as my washing machine had broken. I love my coffee but also love my juice drinks when I afford them lol.. I am mostly mindful too (popped over from blog revival community on google).

    • Ang

      Hey Kelly,

      Thanks for stopping by. Lovely to meet a fellow mostly mindful hippie! Now be honest…do you own any tie-dyed clothing?! 🙂

  2. Ange

    Absolutely love this! Urban hippy love to you.

    • Ang

      Hey Ange…glad you enjoyed it! Hippy love back at ya 🙂

  3. Jane

    Hi! I’m a new “Urban Hippie” convert. Love the post!

    • Ang

      Oh happy days…I love welcoming Urban Hippie converts over to the green side! 🙂



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