A Minimalist Approach to the Cape Town Marathon: Training Update #2

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minimalist cape town marathonWe’re taking a minimalist approach to the Cape Town Marathon this year. After 2018’s DNS debacle, we thought it prudent to go minimalist in our choice of distance.

This err on the side of caution approach has led us to enter the 10km Peace Run rather than the Full Monty.

That’s not to say the pressure is off, mind you. If anything, it’s more on than ever.

The guys at Cape Town Marathon very kindly sponsored us two entries in return for monthly updates on our training progress, which means we either train and finish or risk embarrassing ourselves online. #notanoption

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Race Day

Minimalist Training Progress for May/June

Right, so how are things looking for the Mostly Mindful gang? We’re roughly halfway through our ten kay training programme and feeling fit and strong.

Running three to four times a week is working out well for us. It leaves plenty of room for cross-training, spinning, yoga, Pilates and bed days.

From tomorrow I’ll be adding swimming to my training schedule, which, fingers crossed, shouldn’t impact our bed days too much.

Unfortunately, Sporty is struggling with a stubborn shoulder injury, which has meant a reduction in all activities bar running and bed days. Thank God.

Because, bed days.

Winter means running in the dark, which is mostly not that bad. By mostly I mean that it’s dark, but we’re employing our Hero Training learnings and being antifragile about the situation.

What you can’t change you apparently have to accept with grace.

Luckily, our time in Oudtshoorn provided us with plenty of opportunities to play the equanimity game. Now, it’s old hat and we’re all, “Is this the best you can do, Winter!?”

A Reflexology Massage at MyMassage

mymassage - reflexology

The really awesome thing about being a blogger, apart from having a platform to share ideas worth spreading, is that sometimes people offer us stuff in return for a review.

I’m not sure how other bloggers would approach a bad experience, but my thinking is that if it’s not great I just won’t write about it. I don’t see any point in filling up the blogosphere with negative vaaahhhbs.

In case you’re wondering,vaaahhhbs is Capetonian for vibes.

So, if I write about something you can be guaranteed it’s worth checking out. And that is very much the case with MyMassage, a recently opened massage studio and day spa.

Conveniently situated next door to Giovanni’s on Main Road in Green Point, their massage menu is varied without being overwhelming. It’s what we at Mostly Mindful like call Goldilocks perfect.

All massages have a dual purpose. The first and most obvious is to help you relax and just enjoy some well-deserved me time. The second depends on what your body needs.

Their Reset massage, for example, uses Swedish strokes and attention to pressure points to ease your muscles and melt your stress away. While their Recover massage is perfect for physically active people, or those with chronic stress points.

Being a) a runner and b) someone with an ungainly gait (thanks to my club foot), I opted for the reflexology massage. Best. Choice. Ever.

I fell asleep about 20 minutes in, but luckily I woke up again because I would have missed out on a truly magnificent experience and a great conversation with a super interesting person.

A foot aficionado bar none, the lovely Chido (pictured above) tended to my tender runner’s pads with just enough pressure to get the job done. They do ask you what amount of pressure you prefer beforehand, so I made sure to check the ‘please don’t make me levitate in pain’ box.

You can read about the benefits of reflexology if you’re curious, but my advice is to give it a try and see for yourself.

Using a minimalist approach to decor, MyMassage provides the perfect space for you to offload your mental baggage and unwind. The lighting is dim enough to be calming, without coming across as, you know, one of those places.

Not that I’d know I’d firsthand, mind you. It’s just what I’ve seen in the movies.

When I fed back to Tamim (the owner), I made a point of complimenting him on their choice of music. Most spas play the usual litany of waterfalls / birds chirping / frogs croaking (yawn), but not MyMassage (thank God!).

They’ve opted for chill-out down tempo beats that make for really easy listening. Because let’s face it, when you’re getting a massage the last thing you want is to be distracted by annoying music.

We’re busy talking about the possibility of offering Cape Town Marathon entrants a special offer on a pre- or post-run massage. I’ll keep you posted.

For now, if you’re in Cape Town, what the heck are you waiting for? Go get a massage! You definitely won’t be sorry.

You can book online or call 021 433 0851 to make an appointment by speaking to a real, live person. There’s also a launch special on until 15th July: 50% off y’all! That’s epic.

More about the Cape Town Marathon

Entries for the 2018 Cape Town Marathon are open, so if you’ve been mulling over the idea of running around the Mother City with a bunch of friendly people, now’s your chance.

Runners are super friendly. Mostly ‘cos of the runner’s high, but also ‘cos we just are.

If you’re a map geek, you can check out where you’ll be running. Apparently there’ve been some exciting changes to the route.

Sporty will probably commit it to memory. Me? I like surprises.

There are 94 days and a handful of hours between now and race day. That’s plenty of time to get your arse off the couch and your running shoes on.

Visitors to our beautiful city have the option of staying at the Tsogo Sun. As CTM’s official hotel partner, runners can indulge in a carbo-loading dinner the night before and a power breakfast on the morning.

Pro Tip: If sore joints are hindering your running progress, I’ve got the best natural anti-inflammatory ever for you. You’re welcome.

See you on the road.


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