A Minimalist Approach to the Cape Town Marathon: Training Update #4

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cape town marathonWe’re taking a minimalist approach to the Cape Town Marathon this year. After 2018’s DNS debacle, we thought it prudent to go minimalist in our choice of distance.

DNS is sports speak for ‘did not start’. The horror.

This err on the side of caution approach has led us to enter the 10km Peace Run rather than the Full Monty.

That’s not to say the pressure is off, mind you. If anything, it’s more on than ever.

The guys at Cape Town Marathon very kindly sponsored us two entries in return for monthly updates on our training progress, which means we either train and finish or risk embarrassing ourselves online. #notanoption

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Race Day

Minimalist Training Progress for July/August

Erm, we’re back on Week 8 of our ten kay training programme because, well, we haven’t been running much. Between winter and Sporty’s new job, things haven’t gone as swimmingly as one would have hoped.

Goodbye bed days!

On the upside, our first run in ages was beyond amazing. We felt like a couple of super athletes. I think this is because of all the cross-training we’ve been doing.

Run Less, Run Better

You can’t do that much spinning, Pilates, yoga and swimming and not experience some benefits. Old me was all about more, more, more. I figured running more would make me a better runner.

Turns out, the less I run, the better I am at it. Same for Sporty. Winning. Now we have time for all the other things we enjoy doing in addition to running.

Also, because we’re not running as much, there’s less chance of us losing our love for the sport. In the past, we’d always reach a ‘full’ point. Especially after training for a big event, like, say, a half marathon.

I know for the ultra-athletes out there 21km is the equivalent of us walking to the postbox, but it’s all relative, right?

When Your Biokineticist Benches You

Okay, so halfway through writing this update my biokineticist called to report back on the back x-ray I’d left with her.

“Interesting,” was how she described the three compensatory curves in my spine.

The result of very out of alignment hips, and the cause of the pain in my left leg, my ‘new to me curves’ are also the reason I’ll be walking the 10km Peace Run.

While I’m obviously not happy about being benched, I am at least feeling positive about the diagnosis. At least now I know what the problem is and how to fix it.

The Many Benefits of Pilates

I used to avoid Pilates like carnivores avoid vegetables. I thought it was the most boring form of exercise known to man and couldn’t imagine why anyone in would waste their time on it.

Oh the joys of hindsight, hey?

Since settling down in Cape Town again we’ve been taking advantage of the variety of classes available at our local Virgin Active. They’ve definitely hit the jackpot in terms of their fitness team.

From brilliant swim coaches and kick ass spinning instructors to spectacularly on point yoga and Pilates teachers, they’ve somehow managed to put together a group of passionate individuals who really know their stuff.

Our Pilates teacher is fond of saying that Pilates is super boring and the only reason you do it is to become better at your other sports. I experienced a real palm to flippin’’ forehead moment the first time I heard her say that.

At 54 she’s as nimble, strong and bendy and a ten-year-old gymnast. I’m trying not to think where my body would be now if I’d started Pilates in my twenties (or even my thirties).

In an effort to stave off those ‘if only’ thoughts I drink red wine and remind myself that adhering to the Blue Zones Power 9 is adding years to my life, which means I still have plenty of time to wax this Pilates business.

News from Cape Town Marathon

One of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon’s Run4Change Legacy Programme goals is to help runners make their run more meaningful by enabling you to raise money for your chosen charity.

How does it work? Easy peasy.


Visit the Cape Town Marathon fundraising event page on GivenGain.


Create your own fundraising project for your favourite charity in 90 seconds.


Share your new project link with your friends, family, colleagues around the world, and ask for donations! Every small donation counts! Make it meaningful.


All donations are secure and are automatically transferred by GivenGain to your chosen charity’s bank account.

Need a hand? Download the Step-by-step PDF to guide you through the setup process.

If you’re socially inclined you can follow CTM on Twitter,and Facebook, where they share news, updates, inspiration and more.

Pro Tip: Add a couple of Pilates and yoga classes to your weekly exercise regimen. They’ll make you strong for the things you love. Like running. Just saying.

See you on the road.


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