A Minimalist Approach to the Cape Town Marathon: Race Day

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Cape Town MarathonWe’re taking a minimalist approach to the Cape Town Marathon this year. After 2018’s DNS debacle, we thought it prudent to go minimalist in our choice of distance.

DNS is sports speak for ‘did not start’. The horror.

This err on the side of caution approach has led us to enter the 10km Peace Run rather than the Full Monty.

That’s not to say the pressure is off, mind you. If anything, it’s more on than ever.

The guys at Cape Town Marathon very kindly sponsored us two entries in return for monthly updates on our training progress, which means we either train and finish or risk embarrassing ourselves online. #notanoption

Training Update #1
• Training Update #2
• Training Update #3
• Training Update #4

Minimalist Training Progress for August/September

After my biokineticist benched me me around week 8, Sporty was left to complete the ten kay training programme on her own. By week 11 she had it in the bag. Not only was she running the required distances without stopping, she was even taking off her jacket mid-stride.

A heretofore unimaginable feat.

Meanwhile, I kept my fitness up with a mix of spinning, Pilates, yoga, the odd swim and walking to the mall for coffee. An above-average level of caffeine fitness is required for this type of training routine, so please don’t try it without supervision.

Race Day, Finally

I’ll admit to feeling a tad ungracious in the weeks leading up to the Cape Town Marathon. Not running the marathon was bad enough, but knowing I’d have to walk the 10km PEACE run smarted big time.

I’d only just talked myself back into going and then we nearly didn’t make it. Our race started at 7:30am, but we’d been instructed to arrive by six due to road closures. Standing around for an hour and a half didn’t make sense.

Especially when we could be in bed drinking coffee.

Fortunately, we had a veteran Uber driver who knew exactly which roads would be closed when He dropped us off with eons to spare. We even had time to jettison our bags at the gym before making our way to the start.

Walking for Peace 

What I failed to comprehend when we originally signed up for the 10km PEACE run is that we’d be joining a global community of thousands of people in countries across the world, who traditionally come together to run 10km races to commemorate the UN’s International Day of Peace.

Chances of doing some research?

It definitely helped take me out of my pity party and enjoy the event for what it meant. The fact that it was the first proper warm day we’ve enjoyed since winter left last Wednesday made it even better. 

How Green is My Marathon?

The Cape Town Marathon is a proudly carbon neutral event and this was reflected in their goodie bags, which a) weren’t packed to the brim with a bunch of useless stuff and b) are jaunty, reusable and most importantly, not made from plastic.

Sadly, the insidious little blue bags of water synonymous with these types of events littered the route. There were plenty of cleaners on hand to pick up the bags, but the likelihood of some of them ending up in the ocean was high.

For whatever reason, people assume taking part in an event gives them carte blanche to throw their trash on the floor instead of waiting until they pass a bin. It would have been great if the organisers had made a ‘bring your own’ policy.

But if I’m going to point fingers, I should at least start with myself. I knew I’d be perfectly fine without water for a couple of hours, but conveniently forgot about the fact that my blood sugar has a habit of dropping without warning.

Needless to say it did, which meant I was quaffing coke at the first water table we arrived at. Those little coke cups aren’t any better than the blue plastic bags. It’s embarrassing to have to admit this after making such a tarantara about quitting plastic for good, but there you have it.

I’m off to iron my ears. Twice.

News from Cape Town Marathon

The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon has a new champion and a new record in both the men’s and women’s races. The first South African to win the race since 2010, local Stephen Mokoka took gold in two hours and eight minutes.

To put that in perspective, he ran 42.2km in less time than it took us to walk 10.

The first woman home was Namibia’s Helalia Johannes, who crossed the line in just under two and half hours.

All in all a spectacular event. Thanks to the Cape Town Marathon Team for making us a part of it. We’ll see you again next year for sure.

Race Day Gallery

Cape Town Marathon

We were joined at the start by a herd of cows running to raise awareness for cancer.

Cape Town Marathon

A super cool water caravan. Unfortunately, there was only one at the stadium, nothing along the route.

Cape Town Marathon

Those blue plastic water sachets are a clear sign that humans have grown accustomed to pandering.

Cape Town Marathon

We got our cokes in cans and our medals in plastic. Oh well.

Cape Town Marathon

More of those damn blue plastic water sachets.

Cape Town Marathon

Sometimes you have to stop and take a selfie. Because, well, because.

Check out our album on Facebook to see more pics from the event.

What’s Next on the Event Calendar?

Sporty and I have our eye on the VWS Nuweberg Trail Challenge, which takes place in Grabouw on November 11. It’ll mean hiring a car, making the event doubly exciting. Because road trip.

Obviously, the idea of doing to Cape Town Cycle Tour is still a dream. But that’ll have to wait until we get new bicycles. If anyone wants to sponsor us a couple of foldys, get in touch. It won’t be our first rodeo, but will be our first full one.


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