The Minimalist Consumer: Living with Less, but the Best

minimalist consumerThe minimalist consumer is someone who intentionally chooses to live with less.

Owning only one phone, television, computer, etc. may seem like a sacrifice, but it gives you the freedom to spend your money on quality, rather than quantity.

Along with financial and space benefits, adopting a minimalist mindset can also lead to more shared time within families as well as with friends and neighbours.

Often in today’s world, family members under the same roof are isolated from each other, with everyone lost in his or her own television, smartphone or computer screen.

The Benefits of Owning Only One [Whatever]

Children often expect a dedicated television or computer in their room. Imagine how different family life would be when it becomes centered on communicating and sharing the devices we tend to take for granted.

In a household with only one phone, family members are sure to learn some valuable communication and negotiation skills around sharing it.

Having only one car presents the same need to coordinate and cooperate. In fact, having only one car can lead to all sorts of creative alternatives—such as walking and biking.

In the process, we become more intimate with our community and neighbors. Even if you are a household of one, owning only one of everything can represent a big change.

We’re so accustomed to multiple devices, such as a phone or TV in every room. Having only one of something makes you more likely to notice it and appreciate it.

Minimalists make a point of respecting, even celebrating, their few possessions. This appreciation is an important part of their contentedness with a simple life.  

The Sartorial Minimalist

Several social influences have recently combined to make minimalist clothing a very hot topic. Tough economic times don’t exactly encourage upgrading your trendy wardrobe each season.

The interest in going green and reducing unnecessary consumption has also resulted in consumers seeking smarter, long-term clothing choices.

Opting for a more minimalist wardrobe simplifies and de-stresses life, too. Coordinating outfits is easy and because the style isn’t dated, you won’t feel tempted to replace an article of clothing before it wears out.

Neutral shades mean less loads in the washing machine, since there’s no concern for colours running. By choosing natural fabrics that don’t require special care, you’ll also save on dry-cleaning bills.

Creating a capsule wardrobe is as simple as picking a number. A quick search online yields plenty of options. There’s the 10-item wardrobe, the 15-piece wardrobe, the 30-piece wardrobe, the list goes on. 

The important thing is to make sure the clothes you buy fit well and look good. Impulse buys rarely ticks these two boxes, which is why it’s a good idea to avoid them at all costs.

The Minimalist Consumer is Financially Savvy

Ed: This last section is added by me because it seemed fitting to mention the financial advantages of living a minimalist lifestyle.

Frugal living (not in the holes in your shoes kind of way) in your younger years will give you the freedom to retire early. Or, earlier than most people expect, anyway.

By spending modestly, avoiding instant gratification (i.e. holding out for both marshmallows), saving and investing wisely, you’ll be able to get out of debt and line your coffers.

You can’t just stuff your money under your mattress and hope for the best, though. Luckily for us, Sporty is wicked smart when it comes to all things numbers and finance-related.

She’s all about expanding her knowledge to make sure our portfolio grows. Now that she’s au fait with all things crypto, she’s turned her attention to Ichimoku Cloud.

Basically, she predicts future price movements by gazing at Japanese candlesticks. Or something like that.

If you’re like me and that all sounds like hieroglyphics, a better idea is to hire yourself a financial advisor. But first, become a minimalist consumer and save some money.

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