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Eating a Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

In 2017 Ang put together an epic 5-part series on eating a plant-based diet.

Readers asked, she answered.

It explains what a plant-based diet is, walks you through transitioning to this way of eating, offers a bunch of super helpful resources and more.

Much, much more.

Recognising that the blogosphere isn’t everyone’s favourite hangout, Ang compiled the series in an ebook. Now you can have all the info in one nifty, downloadable, all your very own, PDF.

It’s got hamsters on the cover and everything.

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Vegans rule the world.

Wait, What’s in the Newsletter?

Every Friday Ang sends out a bumper newsletter full of interesting things she’s come across throughout the week. It could be a movie or documentary we enjoyed, a book she read, etc.

She also answers a couple of reader questions and shares a few photos. There’s generally a theme for the newsletter, but it doesn’t always pertain to minimalism.

At least, not directly.

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From Cape Town, With Love

One last thing. We started an old school writing project with a long-term goal of sending a postcard to every country in the world. According to Sporty (who consulted Google) there are 196 countries in the world.

Unless you don’t count Taiwan (not everyone does), then it’s 195.

So far we’ve sent postcards to a number of states in the US, one to Ireland, one to Belgium, a couple to Canada and one to Perth, Down Under.

If you live in Russia, China, Abu Dhabi or India, send us your address and we’ll mail you some old school love.

If you don’t want to subscribe, but would still like a postcard, that’s cool too. We’re all about spreading joy and happiness however we can. Send us your snail mail addy and we’ll put one in the post.


To write is human, to get mail: Devine!” ― Susan Lendroth


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