Personal Development 101: Creating a Little Monday Motivation

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When you’re a pineapple in sunnies personal development and Monday motivation are easy peasy.

Personal development is hard anyway, but when it involves finding (read: excavating) some Monday motivation, well, let’s just say, it’s going to take more than a can do attitude to get that ball rolling. You’re going to need coffee. 

I’m guessing at least a bucket, but hey, if you need more, please don’t let my circumspection be the reason you hold you back.

Also, Monday (aka the most unpopular day of the week by far), comes directly after the weekend, which, to be fair, is a tough act to follow.

I mean, no amount of awesome is going to outshine two full days of hanging out with friends, slothing on the couch with a good book and generally having a fine old time. Work who, right?

Compared to that, Monday is like a cold shower. You have to get up early, put on your scratchy work clothes, comb your hair and make sure you get to the office at a respectable hour (i.e. before the boss).

It sucks.

If something particularly heinous is going to happen during the week, it invariably occurs on a Monday. It’s as if Monday has some personal vendetta against us, and honestly, who can blame it? It’s not like we ever have anything nice to say about it.

Okay now I’ve resorted to anthropomorphizing days of the week, that’s a little worrying.

Anyway, I had a brainwave over the weekend that I believe could see us transforming Monday from a really crappy experience into a super awesome one. A day to look forward to, even.

Finding Your Monday Motivation

Personal development - monday motivation02 It’s easier to achieve personal development goals when wearing clown shoes and mismatched socks

We all know that the lows are necessary in order for us to be able to appreciate the highs, right? Well, what I’m about to propose is in a similar vein. Just without the negative connotations.

Weekends are all about squeezing as much fun as humanly possible into a 48-hour period, but that fun is really only worth anything if we have something to measure it against.

In other words, if we’re wooly during the week as well as on the weekends, then it follows that our enjoyment of our two days off will be tempered. Conversely, if we aim to stay on the straight and narrow from Monday to Friday, our weekends are going to rock.

I know, super smart!

So with that in mind, I suggest seeing Monday as our cue to showcase our best self. The one who gets up early to meditate and exercise, says no to chocolate and other cheat treats, eats our daily quota of fruit and vegetables and thumbs our nose at dessert.

By Friday we’ll be looking and feeling fantastic, which I firmly believe will make that Saturday morning coffee and peanut butter toast (or whatever your particular weakness is) taste so much better.

Creating Positive Habits

Personal Development - positive habits Sometimes you need more than a positive attitude to create new habits

Of course, just saying something doesn’t make it so. We all know that creating new habits takes time and effort, but perhaps more importantly, it requires accountability. Recently, I came across an an app called HabitHub, which is based on Seinfeld’s productivity secret – Don’t break the chain!

The app enables you to organize your habits according to different aspects of your life by assigning them to categories and, get this stationery nerds, you can even assign colors to categories to make them stand out.

For the data geeks, the graphs offer an overview of how well you have been performing and identify any patterns that might be preventing you from successfully cultivating your new habit. Pretty sweet.

Years ago I had this whole ‘be good during the week, go crazy on the weekend’ down and then, I don’t know, I fell off the wagon and haven’t been able to climb back on again. Today is Tuesday, which means this week is a write-off [insert maniacal laughter], but come Monday….



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