Rich Roll on Why You Shouldn’t Hack Your Life

I’m a huge advocate of the slow living lifestyle. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, slow living was all we knew. As a teenager this drove me nuts, I wanted everything Now!

But without the benefit of today’s technology and the “always on” attitude that accompanies it, Now! wasn’t always an option.

Actually, it almost never was. Back then In good time was a far more familiar refrain. (No exclamation mark needed).

Zero to Hero

I love reading zero to hero stories and one of my favourites is Finding Ultra by Rich Roll. This guy went from star swimmer to alcoholic to fat and unfit by the age of 39 (which I guess makes his a hero to zero to hero story).

No hope for him, right? Not so much, here’s what he looks like now. He’s 47, in case you’re wondering.

Something else I enjoy doing is watching talks on YouTube. Mainly because they’re free, but also because I’ve realized you can only watch so many cat compilation clips before you’re sick of them.

Plus, talks by the right people will make you think, open your mind to new ideas, and inspire you to get up off the couch (once you’ve finished your stash of choc-chip biscuits, obviously) and go do something.

Plant-based Ultra Athlete

Aside from the impressive success he’s achieved as an ultra-athlete, what’s so über cool about Rich is that he does it on a plant-based diet. In case you’re curious, he offers 10 reasons why you should consider a plant-based diet.

The other day at work my colleagues were pontificating about the celebrities they’d like to meet. Me, if I could spend a day with the guy Men’s Health dubbed one of the 25 fittest men in the world, I’d consider my bucket list complete.

Okay, maybe a trip to the Happily Ever Esther Sanctuary to meet the world’s most famous pig, then I’d be done. No really, I wouldn’t even have to visit New York.

So, Why Shouldn’t You Hack Your Life?

While trawling YouTube for stuff to watch, I came across this talk Rich gave on why hacking your life isn’t a good idea. The total time investment is a mere 18.57 minutes. I know, I know, in Internet time that’s like light years, but here’s what I propose.

Grab a coffee and your favourite snack (you like to snack right?) and immerse yourself entirely in the experience. Pretend like it’s 1980 and there’s nothing else to do besides watch this talk. If it resonates, awesome, if not, here’s a link back to Lifehack. 😉

Maybe stop trying so hard to find shortcuts to “hack” your life. The best things in are hard. Invest in the journey. Just sayin’. – Rich Roll

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