Riding the Cape Town Cycle Tour, Minimalist Style

by | Sep 28, 2014 | Random Fun Stuff | 2 comments

Cape Town Cycle TourI’ll admit, riding the Argus, or as it’s now known, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, has never been on any of my lists ever.

Except maybe my “to be avoided at all costs” list, which includes other no-brainers such as taking part in the Iditarod and going anywhere near the Amazon (river or jungle).

But then we went and bought some Dahon fold-up bikes and all reason flew out the window. At first we were content to putter down to the Waterfront  (on the pavement) to watch a movie, but then I noticed a headline on the way to work one morning:

9 Days Until Cycle Tour Entries Open!

A plan starting formulating. “I think I’m going to enter the Argus.” I informed Sporty when I got home that evening. “But if I’m going to do it then I might as well do it for a cause, right?”

“If you’re going to ride for a cause then I’ll do it too.” Sporty said enthusiastically.

Given that she’s only just got the hang of cycling (she never had a bike growing up), I thought it impressive that she felt ready to tackle 109km (67 miles) along with 35 000 other cyclists. But that’s just how she rolls. For her, sitting on the porch while the big dogs run just isn’t her style.

So after spending more than five hours securing our entries on Friday, we’re now what you’d call officially committed. This morning we went for our first real training ride and true to her moniker, Sporty very nearly almost made it to the top of the infamous Suikerbossie Hill, a killer incline that has brought many a man to his knees.

We’ve chosen the EMCE Development Fund as our beneficiary for this mammoth task and will be setting up a sponsorship something or other (Sporty’s in charge of this) so you can support our ride.


Training Ride #1 – Stats

  • Distance: 19.45 km
  • Time: 1.32
  • Destination: Hout Bay
  • Enjoyment Factor (out of 10): 9

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  1. Nerine

    Yeah!! I am so proud of you for entering!

    • Ang

      Thanks Nerine, have you and Dirk entered? 🙂



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