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by | Jul 16, 2017

Saskia Busch - Virtual AssistantHiring a virtual project manager or assitant can be daunting. You want someone with experience, someone who doesn’t get flustered, and someone who treats your business as if it were their own.

What you want is Miss Moneypenny.

To which I say, “Look no further!”

My name is Saskia Busch, but feel free to call me Super Sas. If you’d prefer to dispense with the formalities entirely, Sas is fine too.

For the past 20+ years I’ve been supporting people on their quest to fulfill their passions and achieve their goals.

Along with the obvious satisfaction of helping them, this journey has also given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and know-how across a range of processes and tools.

The advertising industry is a pressure cooker of stress, tight deadlines and creative genius. Working with talented entrepreneurs and artists in this environment taught me to manage most situations in a calm and practical manner.

I say most, because when the barista gets my coffee order wrong my inner Zen has a habit of flying out the window.

I love working with business owners who are too busy realizing their dreams to focus on the day to day stuff. You know, the boring admin tasks that need to get done but aren’t all that fun to do.

Imagine if you had someone who would not only do that stuff for you, but actually enjoy doing it? Knowing someone has your back makes all the difference and that’s where I come in. I pride myself on always having my client’s back.

About Me

My main strengths are intense attention to detail, a Zen-like temperament (except when there’s coffee involved) and an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture. On a project, this means being able to make better informed long-term decisions.

And then of course, there’s my not-so-secret love affair with spreadsheets. Some people find their state of flow through music or design or cooking, for me, it’s when I’m left alone with reams of data and a blank Excel document.

It makes me so happy I even forget to eat. True story.

Working in the advertising industry, I’ve been fortunate enough to work across a wide range of client liaison and account management levels, including international and local corporate clients, agency teams as well as design and animation studios.

Spending time in so many different environments has enabled me develop a robust flexibility that allows me to adapt my working style to most situations. I learn resident tools and systems quickly and am able to slot into an established team with ease. When the need arises, working alone is just as easy for me.

Client Testimonials

SASHA SANDERS – Corporate Storyteller and Creative & Strategic Consultant

I’ve worked with Saskia at various times and at various companies, and I’ll continue to. There is never any doubt that the job will get done extremely well, efficiently, on time, in budget, and without any fuss. She’s calm, confident and in control. And best of all, without even seeming to try, she makes every job a pleasure to work on.

ALAN B. via per People Per Hour

I pushed Saskia hard on this one. Thank you!

This project was to develop an investment spreadsheet that pulls in live data and calculates portfolio allocations.

HEDI K. via Upwork

Saskia did a great job on developing my database. She was thoughtful and diligent throughout the process, communicated with me regularly, and was efficient and timely in completing her work. I would definitely work with her again!

The project involved mining a website for data and developing a database with the information.

KATHERINE TRIPP – Head Of Production at Foxp2

Saskia is always a pleasure to work with – she is a great visual effects & animation producer who has extensive knowledge of her field. Projects I’ve collaborated with her on always run efficiently & according to schedule.






CLIENT: Riot Games

PRODUCT: League of Legends Amumu Trailer

DESCRIPTION: The brief was to illustrate and animate a 2 – 3 minute trailer introducing the character of Amumu from the League of Legends game to their gamers.

MY ROLE: Animation & Visual Effects Producer. This project entailed budgeting, building a team (including hardware set-up) of approximately 13 designers, illustrators, animators plus support staff and managing them across the globe to complete the trailer. We worked with illustrators and animators in South America, London and South Africa.

RESULT: Delivered on time, within budget and happy client.

AGENCY: A Few Good Men

CLIENT: SACTWU (South African Clothing & Textile Workers Union)

CAMPAIGN: Clever Dick

DESCRIPTION: The campaign was designed and produced with the aim to increase the number of male medical circumcisions within low income and rural areas.

MY ROLE: Campaign manager and agency producer. This entailed all coordination and liaison between client, creative and suppliers. This campaign included radio spots, press and outdoor advertising, behind the scenes video as well as outreach programs into the community.

RESULT: The campaign ran successfully for 3 consecutive years and in its first year increased the number of circumcisions in one clinic alone from 20 to 100 in one month.


Overview tab that links to detailed spreadsheets listing live shares, cryptocurrencies and commodities

Virtual Assistant Excel Spreadsheet


Newsletters distributed to Wicked Pixels’ mailing list with an approximate open rate of 70%

Virtual Assistant Email Automation

Virtual Assistant and Project Management Pricing

The prices quoted below are presented here as a rough guide. Most projects are assessed and quoted on per project basis. For long-term and ongoing projects a flat fee or package deal is negotiated.


USD 35-00/hour – High Level Project Management

USD 25-00/hour – Mid Level Administrative Support

USD 20-00/hour – Low Level Administrative Tasks

*I am happy to provide ZAR rates for South African clients.

Stuff I Do

PROJECT MANAGEMENT (G Suite, Slack, Skype, Asana & Basecamp)

  • Team Management
  • Operations Management
  • Task & Feedback Tracking
  • Budget Management

DATA MANAGEMENT (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Chrome, Firefox & Safari)

  • Spreadsheet Design (yeehah!)
  • Data Wrangling
  • Internet Research

WORDPRESS SUPPORT (WordPress, Mailchimp, Direct Mail & Survey Monkey)

  • Updates
  • Proof Reading
  • List Management

ADMIN SUPPORT (Mailchimp, Direct Mail & Various CRM tools)

  • Email Automation
  • CRM
  • Technical Writing

PERSONAL ASSISTANCE (Microsoft Excel, Zoho, Invoicable, Google Calendar & G Suite)

  • Budgeting
  • Calendar Management
  • Email Management

Did you wake up to a mountain of papers or worse, with your head on your desk?

I can help you manage your workload, leaving you more time to spend on the important vision-driving aspects of your business.

If you are interested in working with me then please do not hesitate to get in touch using the form below. Alternatively, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, or email me at We can talk over Skype too, which means we can drink coffee together. Is there any better way to start a conversation?

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