Why I Love Not Owning a Car, Reason #329

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Why I love not owning a car01I love being able to cycle to work.

Granted, it means suffering the mortification of helmet hair (see exhibit A to your right), but who cares when I can get to and from my office in a mere 15-20 minutes?

No waiting for the bus, no being stuck in traffic, just a quick peddle and I’m there.

A couple of weeks ago I was reminded just how lucky I am to have such a no-stress commute. There’s always the usual peak-hour traffic when I leave work in the afternoon, but on this day it was completely out of control.

Traffic Craziness, and Nobody Knew Why

Everywhere I turned cars were backed up. Drivers were getting impatient, hooting at one another. It wasn’t pretty. Even the minibus taxis were worse than usual. Pushing in, bullying, driving on the sidewalk and into oncoming traffic.

It was a little tricky negotiating the congested intersections in town, but once I made it out of the CBD things quickly returned to normal. For me, anyway.

When I got home I asked Twitter what the problem was. Turns out a truck had overturned on the highway, which meant the main exit out of town had to be closed while they cleaned up the mess.

And since that’s the route the Mother City’s working class use to head back to the ‘burbs, well, you just can imagine the resulting bugger up.

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 6.08.45 PM

The mess that caused the mayhem

The Freedom of CBD Living

People think we’re crazy to live in the City Bowl where the rent is so much higher, but for us it’s totally worth it. If there’s one lesson we’ve learnt especially well since ditching our stuff and becoming minimalists, it’s this:

Our time is worth way, way more than the rent, however inflated it might be.

For some of you, suburbia might be just the ticket. Pure bliss. Absolute nirvana. And that’s cool. We’re all different, so it follows our needs will be too.

Live Close to What’s Important

For Sporty and I, living a life of simple convenience suits us best. We’ve figured out that the three things that we need to be close to are gym, work and somewhere to do our grocery shopping.

Whenever we’re planning a move the first thing we do is check the distance from the gym to our prospective new apartment. Anything further than a kilometre away is immediately vetoed.

Next is proximity to work. This is less important so it can be further away, however we still need to be able to walk or cycle there. That way we never have to rely on public transport.

Finally, we see how far away the nearest shopping centre is. Not owning a car means lugging groceries home on the bus or on our bicycles, so it can’t be too out of the way.

Occasionally you hit a luck and find an apartment inside a shopping centre, which we did with our last place. Thst was pretty cool. The über sweet spot though, is bagging a place inside a centre that has a gym. You simply cannot put a price on that kind of convenience.

It might not always be the most cost-effective route, and it definitely doesn’t make sense to the “you must own property” brigade, but it works for us.

Not least of all because it means we don’t need to own a car and can just roll out of bed straight into the gym.

Like I said, über sweet spot.


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