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Sometimes we’re featured elsewhere on the Interweb. When that happens we reference the post here.

It’s easier than having you look for evidence of us elsewhere yourself.

Plus, it alerts you to blogs you might not otherwise have come across and it means we get to brag a little. Win/win.

Fair Lady Interview

In June 2014 Ang gave a talk on minimalism at Creative Mornings Cape Town. It was well-received despite her laptop fumbling and awkward first attempt at holding a microphone, proving yet again that this is a message people are ready to hear.

Either that, or they were just a very forgiving crowd, which is entirely possible given the free coffee and muffins that were on offer prior to her talk.

But let’s go with the first option. A more apt choice, we feel, given that a little over a year later a journalist approached Ang to write an article about our lifestyle. Evidently she was at that Creative Mornings talk and wanted to find out more.

You can check out the article here: page 1, page 2 and page 3. If you’re particularly observant you’ll notice that Ang is wearing make-up. You can read how that came about here.

Southern Vines Interview

We were featured in the autumn issue of a glossy local mag. Here’s the online version (pages 72-73). We’re officially ‘double-page spread’ kinda gals now. 😉


Oprah Magazine (SA): The Upside of Downsizing Nov ‘09

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