Self-Improvement: A Minimalist Approach to Optimizing Your Life

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self-improvement optimizeYou know how people are always helpfully curating lists of ‘must read before you die’ books?

They’re awesome right?

Work your way through a list like that and you’ll have your self-improvement goals aced for sure.

More Wisdom in Less Time

But be honest, wouldn’t you prefer it if someone else would read those books for you and extract the key points? Who doesn’t want more wisdom in less time?

I’m waving both my hands in the air right now.

I love the idea of marinating my psyche in all that wisdom, but I much prefer reading about people who’ve fought monks in Japan, hiked the Appalachian Trail or cycled the Iditarod.

Until I’m in a position to go on my own adventures, I have to get my travel fix vicariously. Besides, self-help books can sometimes be like wading through molasses.

I mean, you actually have to concentrate.

Brian Johnson: A Modern Day Philosopher

As it happens, there are people who read the books on those ‘must read before you die’ lists for fun. Brian Johnson is one such person. This guy absolutely loves learning.

His Twitter profile sums it up perfectly: I love wisdom. A lot.

Whether you’re short on time, overwhelmed by the glut of self-improvement information out there, or lazy like me, it doesn’t really matter. We could all do with a self-improvement coach and Brian Johnson is the guy for the job.

Philosophers Notes

He’s read 500+ of the top optimal living books —from old school classics like Discourses by Epictetus to current day best sellers like A New Earth by Ecjhart Tolle— so that we don’t have to.

Brian has not only extracted the best ideas from each book, he’s turned them into fun, inspiring and super practical 6-page PDFs.

If you’re too busy (or lazy) to even read six pages, you have the option of listening to the 20-minute audio instead.

Either way, these mini-CliffsNotes™ of personal growth will help you apply the best big ideas from the best optimal living books to your life today.

Optimal Living 101 Masterclasses

There are also dozens of hour-long optimal living masterclasses to choose from.

Covering everything from the science of setting and achieving goals and how to optimize your energy by applying the fundamentals of nutrition, movement, sleep and meditation to how to be super productive day in and day out.

Take it from this self-confessed Brian Johnson groupie, the dude has a knack for not only distilling knowledge but making it super accessible, too. So make no mistake, you’ll have fun, too.

Every facet of your life optimized = you at your absolute best.

Daily Micro Lessons

Our philosopher friend didn’t stop there, mind you. In addition to reading and distilling all those books, he’s also recorded a series of daily micro lessons that draws on the wisdom gleaned from them.

Inspiring, impactful and practical, these super short videos offer tips you can apply to your life immediately.

It gets even better. The daily +1s (as Brian calls them) each come with a meditation, worksheet and MP3. And daily literally means every single day.

In addition to the content that’s already there, Brian is adding new stuff as you read this.

As Brian says, Optimze is: More wisdom in less time (w/out the woo-woo).

This is just the tip of the Optimize Iceberg. There is so much more to dig into, but right now that’s where Sporty and I are at. If you’re keen to join us on our mission to get better at life, why not join us?

What Does Optimize Cost?

You have three options when you sign up for the Optimize premium membership.

Monthly: $12,99 per month
– This is a recurring monthly payment and you can cancel ay any time.

Annual: $7,99 per month
– This is billed as one payment annually and you can cancel at any time.

Lifetime: $399,99
This is a one-off payment. (It’s on our bucket list for sure.)

Even with our shitty below average exchange rate, these prices are super affordable. Plus, you’re not locked into a contract or anything. If you’ve had enough, just can cancel your membership. Easy peasy.

They give a ton of valuable content away for free and they give their premium members a ton more. It’s definitely worth shelling out, but the nice thing is you can dip a toe in the water before handing over your money.

Talk about a minimalist approach to self improvement. Getting better at life has never been this easy. And I should know, because I’m about as lazy as it gets when it comes to this stuff. If I could pay someone to go on diet for me, I would.

Optimize will help you create the best version of you. The question is: What does the best version of you look like?

Conquering Cancer 101

Recently, Brian’s brother was diagnosed with cancer. He created the Conquering Cancer 101 masterclass with him in mind. Knowing that they’re not the only ones fighting the disease, Brian has shared the full hour-long class for free.

The cancer stats remain bleak. One in two men and one and three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this video please share it with them.

Watch Ang’s TEDx talk!

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